5 Great Places To Visit In England

by Julia on March 24, 2020

The UK is a popular tourist destination. However, of the four countries that make up the UK, England is the largest and most populated country. England’s culture and history make it a favorite destination for many travelers.

Deciding to visit England over Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland is only half the challenge. Once you’ve narrowed it down to England, you’ll then have to think about what places you want to visit once there!

History lovers may want to visit Stonehenge, Harry Potter fans might want to visit Platform 9 ¾, nature lovers might want to visit Dartmoor. The possibilities are endless.

If you need help getting started with planning your visit, here are five places you’ll want to consider.


London is always a popular choice for tourists because of the number of attractions that can be found in the city. London is England’s capital city and has been influencing the other cities of the world since the Middle Ages. Many people could spend an entire trip just exploring London without going anywhere else in England!

Narrowing down places to visit within London can be overwhelming. Those with a limited amount of time will want to visit Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, and Big Ben. Another tourist favorite is stopping for afternoon tea in one of London’s many tea rooms. To help further narrow down what to do in London, check out englandexplore.com.


Most people that think of the city of Oxford will immediately think of Oxford University. Those who go will want to walk around the university. The public can visit the campus at no cost, including going into some of the buildings around campus, such as the Old Bodleian Library.

In addition to the university, the city of Oxford has other popular tourist attractions. There are many museums to visit, including the Ashmolean Museum (the oldest museum in the UK), the Museum of the History of Science and the Pitt Rivers Museum. The Oxford Botanic Gardens are also popular — this is the UK’s oldest botanic garden. Bus transport makes it easy to get around.


Those who are seeking a seaside holiday will want to head to Brighton. Brighton is a resort area that is known for having a diverse community, lots of culture, interesting shopping areas, and plenty of art and music. Brighton Beach is one of the UK’s most well-known beaches, perfect for walking the shore or splashing in the waves.

After visiting the beach, tourists can enjoy visiting the museums around Brighton, checking out the architecture, or shopping at boutiques. Brighton also has some of the best nightlife in the UK, with a range of cozy pubs and larger clubs. Folks can choose between enjoying a drink with their loved one or dancing the night away.


Another seaside location to consider is Cornwall. Cornwall offers coastal scenery and has no shortage of beaches. Porthcurno Beach is a well-known beach nestled among cliffs. Other popular beaches include Sennen Beach and Kynance Cove. While water conditions vary between beaches, many beaches are the perfect location for surfing.

After a day at the beach, there are many other scenic locations to visit around Cornwall, such as the Eden Project. The Eden Project is a complex of two biomes that contain a range of plants from different climates. One of the biomes focuses on tropical plants, while the other simulates a Mediterranean climate. There is also an outdoor garden with native UK plants.


Many tourists that head to York are specifically going to explore the medieval streets and gothic buildings that can be found there. A favorite for many tourists is the York Minster’s Central Tower, which is the highest point in the city. Climbing the tower allows people to appreciate the tower’s Gothic structure. And once they reach the top, they’ll get a breathtaking view of the city.

In addition to climbing the tower, walking along the two-mile-long route along the City Walls is another favorite of tourists. This will allow them to view many of the medieval buildings found around the city. Those who want to head indoors can check out the contemporary art galleries found around York.

Final thoughts

Those who visit England will have no shortage of places to visit! If you’re hoping to visit several major cities or towns while you’re visiting, there are public transportation options available to you. Trains and buses are some of the best ways to get around England, but you may want to book your tickets in advance.

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