3 Tips to Finding Beachside Accommodations in Cornwall

by Julia on January 21, 2019

With hundreds of sandy beaches tucked on England’s rugged southwestern tip, it is only fitting that one should find the best beachside accommodation when vacationing in Cornwall. After all, who does not want to have an amazing view of the beach from their windows, right? Choosing the type and location of your accommodation is a huge factor that can contribute to the overall success of your vacation. Choosing the wrong one can ultimately make one’s vacation absolutely horrible. So when it comes to finding the right accommodation, you must consider several things.

Here are 3 tips for finding the best beachside vacation spots in Cornwall.

1.    Make Sure to Do Advance Research.

If you are visiting a popular vacation destination like Cornwall, you can’t just wing it, especially during high season. There will always be places to stay, but if you want to reserve a truly wonderful place, it would be a wrong move to wait until the last minute. Always research and book in advance to be sure you get the best available accommodations. Here’s the general rule: If you want to stay somewhere nice, you’ll have to plan ahead. During high season, weekends, or holiday season, try to book your room weeks or months in advance. This way, you get to have the best spot. And who knows, you may be able to score cheaper rates than booking it at the last minute.

2.    Check the Location of the Beachside Accommodation.

There are a lot of beachside accommodations in Cornwall, and just because they are situated near the beach does not mean you have the best views of the area. So in order to ensure the best spot, make sure to do prior research of the location. Is it far from the area you will be spending time exploring? Is it easy to reach it through public or private transportation? Will you have the best view of the beaches? Know what you are looking for before booking and always check on its location. Moreover, you will most likely save more money from transportation.

3.    Know What Kind of Place You Want.

We all have our own preferences and that will also affect your choices when it comes to choosing accommodation during vacation. So when it comes to choosing the best beachside accommodation for you, you have to know what it is that you want to have in your own room. Do you prefer to stay in hotels, villas, or huts? Whatever your preferences are, it is important that you know this beforehand so you can also narrow down your options. Cornwall offers great options to anyone, so you just need to take your pick on whatever it is that you want. Picture the perfect place in your mind. Cornwall has it for you.

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