4 Tips to vacationing in the UK

by Julia on December 3, 2018

The United Kingdom is continually changing with new and exciting things and places sprouting up every day. This trend is good, but it can make a visit to the UK hectic, especially if you are trying to plan, book, and see things you want in a short period. A vacation in the UK is exciting, and you will never regret. First, you have to plan where in the UK you want to visit. Many visitors chose the capital city, London, as their vacation destination. However, tips for vacationing in any place in the UK are almost similar. Therefore, the following four tips for vacationing in the UK will guide you.

  1. Consider you are going with. Unlike other vacation destination in the world that are more suitable for couples than families, or older than younger people, the UK is ideal for everyone. Just know who you will be taking and choose the places to visit based on that. For example, if you are a couple planning for a romantic trip, think about the romantic things to do and look for the best places in Britain. Other vacation teams may include family, friends, or party groupies.

  1. The cities are big. Take a city like London, which has millions of people and tons of foxes. The city and the metropolitan area are vast. If you plan a vacation in any town in the UK, try to stay in the area you want to explore. Staying close by to this area will save you a lot of time and traveling cost. Transport time can add up to several days per day, and this may reduce the time you need to visit a place. You may also consider grabbing an Oyster Card, which is free if you are in London. You can get one from a Tube Station and preload some amount onto the card. An Oyster Card will save you time and money when it comes to the travel cost. With this card, your journey is discounted, and you will have a maximum daily-capped amount that you can spend per day. This means that after around four trips, the rest of the day’s travel will be free around the whole city.

  1. Fly into low-cost airports. If you are trying to keep the cost of vacation low, use a low-cost airline like Ryanair or Easyjet. These airlines prioritize the cheaper landing fee in airports such as the Stansted Airport instead of busier, more convenient airports such as Heathrow. Such airlines have lower fares compared to their rival carriers. If you need a ride once your flight has landed, you can hire a car service.  You can hire a vehicle here and have the driver pick you up from the airport to your hotel. The average price of a night in a UK hotel is just above 100 pounds. Take your time to choose a hotel that will meet your budget.

  1. Check out some free places. Some places in London are free. In the barista inside Pret, you might be one of the lucky people to receive free coffee. The museums and art galleries are also free. Visit places like the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, and The British Museum. Spend some time enjoying the many historical artifacts and the rich heritage of the British people. Donations are welcome, but they are not obligatory.

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