Reasons for You to Go Camping – Facts and Myths

by Julia on March 24, 2020

When the winter season is about to end, the days get longer and it’s the start of summer, at this time the weather is inviting, the smell of campfires at campsite and the earthy smell of the trees allures many people for outdoor camping and adventurous trips.

There can be nothing better than sitting around a campfire, roasting some marshmallows and spending quality time with your friends or family. Though the fact is, camping is exciting, wonderful, and adventurous and relaxing, there are some people who avoid camping because of their sceptical myths they believe in. If you are still not convinced, here are some facts and myths about camping, which would definitely make you pack your sleeping bags and backpacks to explore the wilderness.

  1. Fact – You Get Closer to Mother Nature :

Camping is the one of the best ways to get closer and know nature better. It helps us to get in touch with our primitive instincts and teaches us to survive in less. We have completely forgotten nature, because we spend time most of our time indoors. There are a number of campsites around the world, which can make your camping trip exciting, adventurous and memorable one.

  1. Myth – Camping Is Expensive:

You can always plan your camping trips according to your budget. Instead of going to a private and exotic campground you can head towards a government owned national forest land. You can go camping in your own state park or hike to trials which are not far away from your home for a weekend.

Many people think that the gear required for camping are expensive. But the fact is that you can buy durable and essential camping gear in your budget at affordable rates. If you are going for a camping trip for the first time, you can easily gear up with the basics for $600 or less. The most obvious camping equipment’s are backpack, tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, and paper map and first-aid box. Also, there are many other camping accessories available, like stools for camping and backpacking, hammocks, camp stoves, sleeping pads, camp tables, camping chairs, and many more.

Did you know that now it is possible to rent the camping gear? You can check out with your local retailer or online suppliers for the rental cost of camping gear.

  1. Fact – You Can Learn New Skills

Living outdoors is an opportunity to test your survival skills and know how well you can live with little things. A camping trip teaches you how to build a fire, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes, bugs and other insects, as well as know about the material possessions that you can really do without. Apart from these, there are a few more things which you can learn from your camping experience, like

  • To appreciate nature’s beauty

  • Importance of hard work(setting a tent by yourself, starting and tending the fire, cleaning the campsite)

  • Cooking outdoors is fun

  • To get comfortable when you step outside your comfort zone

  • To do away with technology

  • Self-trust


  1. Myth – You Need To Be An Experienced Camper:

Everyone is a beginner once, when they start with something new. So, it is not necessary for you be an experienced camper to go for a camping trip, but there are some basic things which a first time camper should know, such as

  • Become familiar with your camping gear before you actually use them at the camping ground.

  • While making a choice of tents, space and comfort should be your priority.

  • Make a checklist of camping gear and checkoff each item when packed.

  • Observe campground rules by respecting quite hours, using low lights, avoiding cutting through anyone’s campsite, cleaning your campsite, putting out your fire before going to bed or leaving the campsite

So, what are you waiting for? Hope these camping facts and myth busters have convinced you to explore the wilderness. Happy camping.

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