Tips for Planning the Best Summer Staycation Ever

by Julia on May 19, 2020

Planning a vacation is exciting, giving you something look forward to that’s a change from the everyday grind. Whether you’re planning a fun weekend at home or in your city, a staycation can provide all the same mental benefits as if you were flying to another place.

You need time away from work to relax and reset, otherwise, you’ll never get rid of unwanted stress. When you can’t travel, a staycation can give you just that. Here are a few tips for planning a great summer staycation as the weather is warming up.

Treat it like a real vacation.

No matter where you’re going (or not going), treat your time as if it’s an actual vacation. Because it is! Block off your calendar, tell friends and family, and make sure work knows you’re not going to be checking your email.

Getting your staycation on your calendar is the first step in making it feel like something to look forward to.

Upgrade your wardrobe.

Even though you may just be staying home, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a cute outfit—even if it’s a new pair of sweats. White jumpsuits and white dresses are fun summer outfits, paired with your favorite warm-weather sandals.

If you don’t feel like spending money on new clothes, go through your closet and dig out your favorite summer outfits. Make your staycation feel like a true kick-off to the warm months ahead.

Pamper yourself.

Think of all the money you’re saving by not going out of town. Use those funds to do something special for yourself during your staycation. Get a long massage, visit the nail or hair salon, or have a spa day.

If you’re staying home and don’t feel like visiting spas, bring the spa to your home. Invest in new products like face masks and lotions that will make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Upgrade your outdoor spaces.

If you’re staying home, invest in a few things to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable and fun. Buy some new flowers to pot in the backyard. Make sure the lawn is mowed. Clean your swimming pool before your staycation starts. Check out fences for swimming pools to add the security and privacy you need for your outdoor space.

Take these steps before your staycation so you don’t have to do any work during your time off and can enjoy your new backyard or porch. Just a few updates to your space can make a huge difference.

Order from your favorite restaurant.

During your staycation, support local businesses by ordering your favorite meal for pickup or delivery. It may be hard to justify eating out or ordering in during your normal weekly routine, so splurge a little when you’re taking time off. Order a delicious meal that you really enjoy and haven’t had in a while.

Do something outdoors.

Try connecting with nature during your staycation. Visit a park or go for a long walk. Even taking a drive in the country can be relaxing and opens up your mind to reflection. Take a run, go for a long bike ride, or do yoga outside on your patio or yard.

Being outside with nature is a great way to find stress relief and helps you disconnect from your busy life for a while.

When planning your summer staycation, remember to have fun. The planning process itself will bring you joy and help you relieve the stress of work and responsibilities. Do something for yourself during your time off, and make sure you let your friends and family know that you’ll be out of pocket.

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