Best Travel Destinations and Getting A Tattoo

by Julia on May 18, 2020

There are lots of places that you can choose to plan your next trip abroad. Frequent travelers also like to get a tattoo when they visit a site. So, in this article, we are going to share the best destinations to travel and where you can get tattooed from the USA to Japan.

San Francisco, United States

The United States is a great country to plan your visit. But do you know that this place is the Mecca of the tattoo Renaissance? San Francisco is a great place to find some great tattoo artists. You can almost find any kind tattooing such as solid, edge, traditional. There are lots of great shops to find a tattoo designer. Do you know about Lyle Tuttle, the grandfather of the tattoo scene; You can find his shop in this city.

As you know that the real estate has skyrocketed in this city, hence many artists have spread around the Bay Area.


Another best destination on our list is Japan; the tattooing takes place in this country in the mid-18th century. People here use a traditional hormone, which was a bundle of needles fixed on a bamboo. This tool was used to put traditional imagery from the Ukiyo-e print. Furthermore, this tradition is continuing in the 21st century. However, this tradition is taboo in some areas because it is the symbol for gang members such as Yakuza.

You can easily find some great artists that can help you get classic Japanese tattoos. However, you need to have years of commitment to obtain such work. There are some artists too that are using a combination of traditional and modern electric machines.


Do you know that you can also get a tattoo while traveling in London? Well, the UK has the highest number of tattooed people in the world. The average is even higher than in the USA. This tradition of getting a tattoo is older than the 18th century. You can say that London is the international center for the tattooing. Furthermore, this city hosts the annual convention for the tattoo. You can also find lots of shops for getting a tattoo or when you remove your tattoo.

You can obtain almost any kind of tattoo in London from old school patterns to experimental work. Due to a high number of artists in the country, this city hosts numerous exhibitions to provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their artwork.


There are lots of islands in Polynesia. However, it is a great place to visit and get a tattoo. For example, in Samoa, getting a tattoo is traditional. Furthermore, there are lots of great artists such as master tattooer Sulu’ape Patelo. His family is still in this business, and you get a conventional p’ea and malu here.

You can also get a tattoo in New Zealand; there are various kinds of facial moko and others of tattoo in this country.

Last Words

Nowadays, you can find a tattoo artist in every part of the world. However, in some cultures, getting a tattoo is taboo. But still, people who like to get a tattoo visit other countries to do so.

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