The Best Places to See in Central Park, New York

by Julia on March 11, 2020

The there is no point in visiting New York City if you don’t plan to take a take a stroll in Central Park. This place attracts millions of tourists every year and offers lots of amusements and attractions to everyone’s liking. In summertime, when the number of visitors reaches its peak, Central Park reminds a huge living organism that breathes, grows, and has fun. If you’re also planning on become part of this organism, at least temporarily, you just have to visit as many attractions as possible. Don’t know where to start? It’s not a problem. Below are some of the must-do activities and must-see sights in Central Park for you to check out.

# 1 Bicycle Riding

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New York is rightly considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US. So, be sure to explore this city’s fifth-largest park on a bicycle. Take advantage of Central Park bike rental services! Once you rent a comfortable vehicle, go take in the sights and picturesque landscapes Central Park is famed for. Central Park drives can satisfy every cyclist’s taste. You can take a relaxing bike ride on flat terrain. Still, if you want to test your stamina and endurance, try riding your bike up and down the hilly slopes.

# 2 Fishing

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If you’re more into quite and less vigorous activities, we recommend that you tried out fishing in Central Park. You land a black crappie, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, or a pumpkinseed sunfish in one of Central Park’s lakes. Not only can you practice and enhance your fishing skills but also learn lots of new things about aquatic ecology and fish species. You can take fishing lessons at the park lagoons from the fishing gurus who will instruct you how to catch and release fish in a safe and humane way.

# 3 Pay Tribute John Lennon at Strawberry Fields

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You shouldn’t leave Central Park without visiting the famous Strawberry Fields memorial, which was created to commemorate the founder of the Beatles, John Lennon. The entrance to the memorial is located near the Dakota, where Lennon’s assassination took place in 1980. The centerpiece of the Fields is black-and-white pathway mosaic which makes the only word “Imagine,” the title Beatles’ immortal song. This section is surrounded by shrubs, glade-like lawns, outcroppings, pleasant-smelling flowers, and century-old elm-tries. This quiet zone is the excellent place to remember the person, whose brutal murder shook the global community, and ponder over the transience of life.

# 4 Enjoy the Beauty of the Lake

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It’s not only fishing that will help you enjoy the beauty of the eight lakes Central Park is home to. You can take a boat ride over the Central Park Lake and row your way towards Bow Bridge or Bethesda Terrace. Thus, you’ll be able to work out and enjoy the scenery along the way. If you want to relax or take a romantic ride on the water, opt for a gondola ride instead. Also, be sure not to lose the opportunity to have a picnic on the grassy slopes of the Lake.

# 5 Visit the Central Park Zoo

You won’t forget yourself if you fail to visit Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo which is only a couple of yards from Fifth Avenue. Both kids and grown-ups will take great pleasure in communicating with its exotic inhabitants. You’ll meet grizzly bears, lemurs, red pandas, tropical birds, sea lions, polar bears, Antarctic penguins, and lots of other animal species there. What most people like about the Central Park Zoo is that it has a very calm and relaxed atmosphere notwithstanding the hordes of tourists that invade this place every day. You’ll definitely get an unforgettable experience in this oasis of wildlife cherished and ardently protected by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

# 6 Bridges and Arches

Glen Span Arch carries the West Drive

Central Park is also famed for its bridges and arches which is a significant part of its heritage. A good few of the bridges were constructed more than a hundred years ago to accommodate pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages. No wonder so many visitors feel mesmerized by the looks of these gothic-like constructions. Central Park’s numerous bridges and arches do not merely provide walkways over water bodies, they serve as perennial reminders of the park’s rich historical background and grandeur. Don’t miss the chance to see Glen Span Arch, Glade Arch, and Huddlestone Arch, Bethesda Terrace, and Bow Bridge to experience the authentic atmosphere of Central Park.

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