Ideas for a travel blog: TOP 3 best social media websites to keep your friends and audience in touch with your travelling adventures.

by Julia on March 12, 2020

We live in time of social media: right now these are the main resource that people use to stay in touch with each other, to share and discuss main events in their lives, to run blogs and manage business pages. Travelling right now is probably in the top of themes that people choose for their blogs – people travel because of their work and for vacations, they travel to collaborate with other specialists in various projects, and they travel to spend a week or two sightseeing and meeting new people in new places.

But before you start a travel blog you should pick the platform you’re going to use: there are several ones that suit different aims, which is why you should decide and differentiate before creating your content plan and picking the best photos and videos from your last trip. What social media websites could you use to create a blog on?


You might doubt this choice, but actually TikTok is a fresh and progressive website that offers dozens of different formats to create posts in. But what’s even more important, the audience is gigantic: hundreds and thousands of new people log in here daily to check out the latest trends, memes, make up and travel videos; you could even buy tiktok followers if you don’t want to start from zero – fortunately, there are companies that work in online promotion sphere helping people with issues like this.


Good old classic, travel blogs on Instagram. Some might say that this niche is already taken by thousands of bloggers, by why not try to create something unique yourself? Right now there’s a thousand and one opportunity to make your content different from other people’s, and what’s even more important – Instagram gives users all the chances to make that content interactive at its best. There’s even IGTV which is just perfect for longer travel vlogs.


This option is for people who know exactly what they want from their blog: if you’ve already come up with a solid content plan, if you have hours and hours of film on your memory card ready for editing and putting in a travel vlog – YouTube is for you. YouTube is great because of several reasons: it has a formed culture of blogging (vlogging), if you’re willing to do so you might get brand deals later and make actual money through this platform and you’ll get way more constructive feedback and maybe even criticism through this platform.


If you choose a platform and your blog’s main line and trend from the very start it’s going to be way easier for you in the process. Make your choice and show the world your fascinating trips, best places you’ve fallen in love with while growing your online audience and sharing your emotions and  outlooks with people.


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