The Most Underrated Spots in Vancouver

by Julia on March 10, 2020

Vancouver is a beautiful city, but it isn’t a particularly large city. It’s small enough that when the word gets out about an awesome place to go, within a short time period, you can expect to see tons of people at that place. Hype travels fast in this city, and things to do and places to go quickly become overcrowded and overrated.

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s largest aquarium and one of the most visited sites in Stanley Park. Presiding over Stanley Park, Canada’s largest aquarium houses more than 50,000 creatures, from penguins to sea otters to three-toed sloths. Don’t miss the star turns from the rescued Steller sea lions Izzy and Rogue, who swoop gracefully under the water and bask on sun-warmed rocks. Afterward, be sure to visit the theater, which goes beyond 3-D with mist, scents, wind, and even lightning. Adding substance to style, the aquarium is also the headquarters of Ocean Wise, a global conservation initiative dedicated to increasing the understanding, wonder, and appreciation of our seas.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Located on the North Shore, not far from the base of the Grouse Mountain ski hill and the Cleveland Dam, the venue features an impressive and world-famous suspension bridge. At the Capilano Suspension Bridge you’ll find a number of interesting things to do and see including the suspension bridge, paths through the forest, Indigenous art, a Cliffwalk at the edge of the canyon, and rope bridges high up between the trees. The Capilano Suspension Bridge property is right in the forest. All around are paths through the trees, as well as geological, historical and nature-educational displays and First Nations art.

Coolest Neighborhoods

Vancouver, may be best-loved for its mountains, forests, and beaches but Vancouver real estate comprises several great neighborhoods. Gastown is a neighborhood best seen at night when the lamps lining Water Street and the fairy lights in the trees glow. Fortunately, it’s an area known for its dining options, so it’s a perfect spot for dinner. Also, a cute town known to locals as just “The Drive,” Commercial Drive is a street filled with boutiques, restaurants, grocers, and bars. The street’s main hub consists of 21 blocks. All along this strip, there are over 400 businesses.

Whale Watching

From March to October each year, thousands of whales migrate through the waters near Vancouver, making it one of the world’s best locations for whale watching. A number of tour operators offer whale watching  expeditions around the Gulf and San Juan islands, so you can spot pods of whales from a high-speed zodiac, fully-equipped cruiser, kayak or seaplane. Many varieties of whales pass through these northern waterways, including humpback whales, orcas,  gray whales and minke whales.

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