How to Experience a Luxury Vacation While Having a Practical Budget

by Julia on December 11, 2019

More often than not, a luxury vacation is a holiday break that one can only dream about. This is because a luxury vacation is often times synonymous to an extremely expensive escapade.

Nevertheless, there are already several ways with which you can experience what it is like to have a luxury vacation, even if you merely have a decent budget.

Opt for locations that are yet to be discovered

A luxury vacation is somehow tantamount to exclusivity. Thereby, if you want to have the feeling of luxury, without necessarily emptying your pockets, then check out locations that are not yet popularly known, but offers a similar atmosphere of exceptionality. Not many people know about Tokoriki Island Resort, even if it is already one of the most awarded luxury resorts. It is an adult only resort located in the Fiji archipelago. This place is perfect for honeymoon, weddings, or even cruises. You can always read about Fiji vacations online, to find out more details before planning a trip.

Another option is to look through Airbnb because there are several listings that you may find astonishing. For instance, you can opt to stay in a castle in France for under a hundred bucks a night. On the other hand, you also have the option of going glamping, or the popular vacation trend nowadays to enjoy nature and the outdoors. There are several spots for glamping that offer the same luxurious experience, while most are not yet that popular.

Plan your visit

Visiting during the peak seasons may cost you more money compared to planning your visit on the off-peak seasons. There may certainly be particular drawbacks in visiting during the off-peak season such as the weather being less than perfect or missing out certain festivities. Nevertheless, the place will still be as awesome, even during these off peak seasons.

The advantage of travelling during an off peak season is that there are several deals and promotions that offer not only significantly cheaper prices, but also several other freebies and giveaways. For instance, you may no longer need to pay for a couple of hours of yacht rental if you were able to acquire your accommodation with a promotion. In another case, you may even be rewarded with another night in your hotel, or even a slash off the ticket prices on a cruise.

Consider joining a loyalty program

Getting to experience a luxury vacation with a limited budget may entail the need for any travel hacking skills. Travel hacking, simply means redeeming the points you redeem through different loyalty programs to fund your travel. For instance, you can use your credit card points to upgrade your flight seats from economy to business class. In the same manner, you can also use your points to get access to exclusive travel lounges in airports, as well as upgrades on your hotel stays. There are several sites now online that is dedicated to assist people on how to maximize the use of their loyalty points to fund their biggest travel expenses such as airfares and accommodations and even be able to travel in luxury.

In the same manner, check whether the accommodation you booked is a hotel, which is a member of a group that offers discounts to members and frequent guests. You may want to apply for a membership and use your loyalty points to redeem free night stays later on. The only drawback perhaps by using your points in order to fund your travel is that you may need to be flexible in terms of your travel dates. More often than not, airlines and hotels acknowledge the use of reward points only on specific travel dates.

Try house-sitting

Recently, there has been a house-sitting trend wherein a network of legit house sitters is able to travel the world because of their profession. Simply put, house sitting services will allow you to be able to stay at a cozy place in different locations, and the best thing about this is that you even get paid for it. Over time, you may even get to stay in different multimillion dollar homes in the most luxurious locations. Depending on your contract with the owner, they may even shoulder your fare and other expenses in exchange for watching over their house while they are away.

A luxurious vacation may not always prove to be expensive. This is because there are already certain workarounds that will allow you to experience what it is like to travel in luxury without actually spending that much. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to break your bank to be able to take a vacation in style.

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