How to Plan a Perfect Trip to South America

by Julia on December 11, 2019

South America is a vast and diverse country that is filled to bursting with extraordinary and unique sights that you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. However, due to its size and the abundance of bucket-list activities that you could opt for, it can sometimes be overwhelming to book a trip to South America. To ensure that you are safe in the knowledge that you will be able to tick off your dream experiences and manage the practicalities, this guide has put together the best tips for visiting the continent.

  1. Choose Your Route and Season

When it comes to where you are going to travel, it is no good to just decide upon South America. There are multiple routes that you can take around the continent to see as much of its countries and famous sights as possible, and you should decide on which destinations you plan to visit before you even book the flights. For instance, many people choose to visit the Patagonian Andes through Chile and Argentina, while others decide to visit the cultural and spiritual icons of the Incans in Peru and Bolivia.

Once you have chosen your preferred destination, you then need to decide what season you will visit in. Attractions such as Macchu Pichu and Iguaza Falls are honey pots for tourists in their peak seasons, so you should try to opt to visit these out of season, such as in the Fall and Spring seasons.

  1. Go on a Tour

Now, you need to opt for how you will travel around your destinations. It is unlikely that you will only choose to visit one country when planning a trip to South America, and to make the most of your journey, you will want to fit as many sights and locations into your itinerary as possible. To lessen the stress of planning your own bucket list trip, why not leave it to the experts and book a tour? Exoticca Travel offers Peru vacation packages for those interested in seeing multiple destinations in one South American country, with these tours taking you to places such as Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, as well as other countries such as Argentina and Bolivia.

  1. Check Your Documentation

It is also important to check your documentation before you travel to ensure that you will not have any issues throughout your visit. If you are visiting multiple countries, it is vital that you check the visa applications and requirements for each of these, and that you have photocopied these documents as well as taking the originals before you travel. You should also check any vaccination requirements, with those such as Typhoid being commonly required by your destination country.

  1. Seek Underrated Attractions

Although some of the destinations you are aiming to visit may have been on your bucket list for your entire life, for those travellers who are open to the attractions that they visit, why not swap some of the major sights for those that are slightly more underrated? For instance, you should consider swapping the hotspot of Macchu Pichu in Peru with locations such as Kuelap.

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