How Affordable is a Holiday in Rome in 2019?

by Julia on December 11, 2019

Rome is one of the most popular cities in Europe for city breaks and it’s easy to see why – it’s a city filled with historic architecture, a rich culture and incredible food. But how affordable is a holiday in one of Italy’s most romantic and inspiring cities? In this guide, we’ll walk you through what you can expect to pay for the main elements of your trip using data from this new study.

The Average Day Cost

The average cost of a day in Rome is £108.33, which places it in between the likes of Vienna at £110.53 and Tel Aviv at £107.47. While the city isn’t the cheapest place you can travel to in the world, there are plenty of ways to travel affordably so your holiday doesn’t break the bank. Rome is filled with a wide variety of free attractions as well as cheaper eateries and shopping options, so it’s a brilliant destination for all budgets.

The Essentials

The cost of your accommodation in Rome can vary from cheaper options at an average of £20.22 a night to £60.55 for a more luxurious hotel stay. The average cost for public transport comes in at just £2.72, so you can get around the city with ease without spending a fortune and buses are plentiful here. If you want to travel by taxi, however, you’ll need to budget in a lot more – a round trip in Rome will cost over £28. Want to see some of the main attractions while you’re visiting? A ticket will set you back £4.35 per person on average, although many of the most famous sights and landmarks in Rome are actually free, including the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.


Eating and drinking in Rome is one of the highlights of visiting this amazing city, so it can be all too easy to spend a fortune. However, wining and dining isn’t that expensive and it’s easy to find affordable places each day to suit all tastes and budgets. A local meal costs £13.57, while a three-course dinner will set you back £24.89 on average. If you’re looking to splash out and celebrate, a luxury dinner in Rome costs over £40 – add in a bottle of wine and it will cost you an extra £4.52. A quick bite at a fast-food chain is just £7.24, however. Drinks are relatively affordable around the city and you can grab a beer or a glass of wine for around £4.26 or a bottle of water for less than a pound.


When you’re planning your trip to Rome, it pays to budget ahead of time so you know roughly how much you will need for your entire stay. It’s entirely possible to enjoy the sights of Rome on less than £100 a day, while still visiting several attractions, staying in a moderately-priced hotel and using the public transport system. And depending on what your budget will allow, you can always indulge with taxi rides and more refined restaurants during your stay as well, though this will bring your daily total up a bit higher. As with any city break, Rome is a destination that you can make as expensive or as budget-friendly as you want. It all depends on what you want to experience while you’re there and how much planning you can do beforehand. But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to bring the cost of your trip down in Rome, from choosing cheap but equally delicious cafés and restaurants to opting to take in the sights and sounds on foot instead of by taxi.

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