How not to travel like a tourist in the UK (and get more out of it)

by Julia on November 22, 2019

You don’t need to be an avid travel enthusiast to know about the wonders that await in the UK.

This is one of the premier travel destinations in the world – emphasized by all of the millions of people who decide to visit there each and every year.

Many of these tourists will opt to take advantage of all of the standard attractions that Trip Advisor has to throw at you. Chances are, if this is the first time that you have visited there, you will want to do the same.

However, there are other ways you can unleash the UK’s potential – and it involves thinking outside the box somewhat. In other words, take off your tourist hat, and read the following advice which will show you how to truly enjoy a UK trip without doing all of the stereotypical trips.

Tip #1 – Get out of London

First and foremost, there’s nothing wrong with getting out of London. Sure, it’s billed as one of the tourist capitals of the world and it’s most probably the place in which you flew into.

London is great – but there’s more out there. For example, take a look at Cardiff. This is still a major UK city, but has so many different things to offer tourists and has a rich and colourful history. You don’t necessarily have to scrap London altogether, but at least consider splitting your trip up across different regions or countries within the UK.

Tip #2 – Get off the metro

If you do decide to stay in London, at least give the Underground a break. Sure, it’s very convenient and if you’ve never been on it before, it lets you see more of the city. However, after the first few trips the novelty can wear off; also, some studies have found that it’s sometimes quicker to walk between stations.

Tip #3 – Visit the museums at night

Whether this is in London, Cardiff or up in Scotland, there are always lots of great museums to visit in the UK; an added bonus, most museums in the country are free! It’s also worth noting that you can get even more out of museums if you leave your visit until the later part of the day – this tends to be when special events are held, with some even offering refreshments as part of the evening.

Tip #4 – Research the local restaurant times

Try to avoid simply logging onto Google and finding out the closing times for the restaurant around the corner from your hotel.

Instead, this final point is more about cultural British eating times. They differ widely to other parts of the world, particularly Europe, where it’s not uncommon to eat after 10pm – if you leave it this late in the UK, there’s every chance that you’ll have to eat your meal in record time before they close their doors.

Instead, integrate with the locals and find popular restaurants across the city your visiting; peak eating hours tend to be between 7pm and 9pm, with a huge variety of foods on offer in every city across the country.

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