This Is Why I Love Spain

by Julia on November 22, 2019

I used to think all there was to Spain was the magical game of soccer that the cities of Madrid and Barcelona are known for. But things changed after I took my first trip to this beautiful European country. What was meant to be a 7-day vacation ended up as the most exciting 14 days of my life.

So in this article, I’ll share the eight things that make Spain the perfect destination for my next summer break.

#1. Spanish Soccer

Soccer was what took me to Spain in the first place. I planned my vacation to coincide with an El Clásico match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

I soon realized first hand that football is a national sport after I saw some young Spanish boys close to my villa doing some magic with a ball. Only few countries are a worthy match to Spain as far as soccer is concerned.

#2. Spanish Food

Omg! I never thought I was going to fall in love with food from other countries. I was pretty worried I wasn’t going to eat properly. But guess what? I was wrong. The first meal I tasted, in a small local restaurant, was Paella. It was absolutely delicious.

After this absolutely delicious experience I decided to enjoy most of my meals outside my villa. This was an advantage for me to try more new dishes.  I visited some of the local restaurants and tried other meals, including Tapas, Serrano ham, Tigres, Cochinillo, Pintxos, and others whose names I can’t remember. They were all worth the try.

#3. Villas in Spain

There is something alluring about villas in Spain. From the customer service to local hospitality, I was literally treated like a king. I stayed over at a villa on the Costa Maresme, which I had booked on Club Villamar two nights before my trip.

I used to think it was just this particular villa, but I later discovered that hospitality is the watchword of Spaniards. My villa had an ultra-cool pool with an amazing beachfront view. It really was a worthwhile experience.

#4. Rich Wine

I don’t know what you’ve heard about Spanish wines, but I can tell you as a first-time taster that whatever you heard is underestimates the ecstatic feeling you’ll have when you try a glass of Spanish wine.

And if you’re like me, you’ll end up buying a dozen bottles to take back to your country. Long live Spanish wine!

#5. Romantic Climate

Apart from the Spanish food and wine, one more thing that I can’t wait to experience again in Spain is the romantic climate. On my first visit, I went alone. But now I know better.

The climate induces romance, a perfect atmosphere for two love birds. With endless sunshine about 315 days per year, Spain leaves its tourists in high spirits all year long.

My next visit to this European paradise next summer must be with my partner, and we’re certainly going to have a great time in any of the luxury villas in Spain.

#6. Pristine Beaches

Being a traveler that has toured the major continents of the world, I’ve seen the best of beaches and oceans. And I thought I had seen it all until I saw the pristine beaches of Spain. In Costa Maresme, where I lodged, I took out two days to tour about five beaches.

I know it’s crazy, but I was so excited to see the crystal clear water and the atmosphere of peace surrounding it.

As an advice, the next time you choose to book any of the luxury villas in Spain from Club Villamar, ensure you pick the one that will allow you to appreciate the amazing beaches and enjoy the “toes in the sand experience.”

#7. Spanish Music

I don’t speak Spanish, but my ears can recognize good music irrespective of the language. On my second night, I visited one of the nearby clubs in Costa Maresme. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had resolved to keep calm and observe.

I can’t tell what happened, but after about 30 minutes, I saw myself on the dance floor, moving my body to the beats of an exciting Spanish flamenco song. I don’t know who sang it or what he was saying, but the energy it exhumed was magical, and I loved it on the spot.

My remaining days got more exciting because there was always a Spanish song to get my feet moving.

#8. Welcoming Locals

My stay in Spain would not have been worthwhile if not for the friendly locals I had the good fortune to meet. I thought it was something peculiar to Costa Maresme, but I later discovered that irrespective of the city you choose to visit, all the villas in Spain are surrounded by amazing locals who have resolved to be nice and friendly to every tourist they come in contact with.


Now you’ve got a picture of my first trip to Spain. I believe you’ll share a better experience. First, your choice of location and accommodation plays a significant role. So start by visiting Club Villamar to rent any of the luxury villas in Spain.


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