Autumnal Trip to Rome for Gorgeous Sunsets and Orange View

by Julia on September 12, 2019

Rome is a city blessed with awe-inspiring architectural beauty and charismatic romantic points. If you are planning to soon give your hectic life a break- book tickets immediately for the Autumnal break i.e. holidays in October and dive into the beauty and culture of Rome. October is the best season to travel this beautiful city with moderate temperature when sweltering heat has no power to take the bliss of vacationing. The City of Rome is known for its picturesque beauty, deep-cultural inspired building, extra-ordinary evening street life (with food and drinks) and relish the classic eateries like crispy pizzas and humble pasta. For a bundle of joy and entertainment, it is the perfect place to travel with friends, family and couples all.

Sunsets in Rome holds a special place for travelers. One cannot deny the spectacular beauty of the city while the sun is setting. A romantic moment for couples to watch and also pick stunning photos. To guide your trip through Rome, here is a list of the best 5 sunset points where warm hues in the skies instantly steal your heart. To travel in the city and enjoy the local area, renting a car and driving through the streets will add on to the fun your trip. Contact International Drivers Association and get your International Driving Permit ready and drive in the city without any restriction. Rome is built on seven hills and thus offer an array of sunset points with over 900 churches making it an Eternal City to visit. The best-picked sunset points in this city are:

  1. Terrazza Viale Del Belvedere: Villa Borghese is a beautiful park above People’s Square with a hanging garden. It is a wonderful viewpoint for St. Peters Cathedral and when you head towards the South, the breath-taking views of the city and spectacular sunset would welcome your steps.

  2. Castel Saint’ Angelo: The panoramic beauty of this place is inexplicable. It is located at the top of the monument built by Emperor Hadrian and covers when you look down from the point, the shining view of Bridge of Angels and Tiber River is all-encompassing. Her sunset seems pleasing and magnificent.

  3. St. Peter’s Dome: Here, you will be glad to reach the tallest dome in the world. Technically, this place belongs to The Vatican City, but to make your trip to Rome a worthwhile, getting in here is extremely important. Though stepping into this place is little tiring with climbing steps, but the efforts are worthwhile. I highly recommend this place for marvelous evening time.

  4. Giardino degli Arnancico: Located at the top of the Aventine Hill, this garden is full of Orange Trees and also popularly known as Orange’s Garden. It offers fascinating sunset views with some ancient ruins, beautiful statues and romantic fountains. IN Rome this place is also popular for wedding photography and during weekends you can witness lovely couples busy in splendid photoshoots. It is quite a relaxing and refreshing place for a sunset view.

  5. Parco degli acquedotti: Treat yourself and bag the opportunity to be surrounded with one of the oldest Roman aqueducts here in Aqueducts Park. This place is a huge field with almost 240 hectares of land and is located away from central Rome. Visiting here means packing a lunch box and arrive to stay energetic. Sunset here is extremely impressive and visitors come in here to make a lifetime experience of incomparable sunset beauty.

The vibrant life of Rome and exhilarating sunset times draws attention to the core. For local city driving just get the rented car and enjoy your trip and if are wondering on how to get International Drivers License, make an online search and apply for the license today.

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