Hopping to the Greek Aegean Islands

by Julia on September 13, 2019

Greece is a place which is known for its vacation possibilities and beautiful places to visit and enjoy. However, other than mainland Greece, the Aegean islands in the Aegean Sea is also one of the major tourist attractions. The entire group of islands in the midst of the Aegean Sea is surrounded by Turkey, Crete islands, Rhodes, Kasos, etc. Geographically, the majority of the islands is part of Greece and some are part of Turkey as well.

These islands are known for their sovereign culture and colorful traditions to make them the perfect place to visit. The islands are also grouped into categories like the West Aegean Islands, Northeastern Islands, Cyclades Islands, Sporades Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Sardonic Islands and Crete Islands.


The Aegean islands are all scattered in the Aegean Sea and adds a beautiful charm to the waters. Though the islands are similar in many ways, there are also many varying changes in them as they all have different locations and climates in the sea. The groups of islands consist of many islands all housed together like Corfu, Crete, Kefalonia, Kythira, Los, Chios, Ikaria, Ithaca, Karpathos, Lefkada, Kalymnos, Lemnos, Naxos, etc.


Greece is sunny and pleasant during most parts of the year and that is what makes it one of the best places to visit. These islands are in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea and thus the climate is powered by the Mediterranean winds and climatic conditions.

The overall weather condition is wet and dry in alternative cycles as there is rainfall that happens during the winter season yet summers are too dry and draughty. Also, the monsoon levels in the islands are varying with time as the coastal winds blowing the rain can be both mild and torrential. The dry times start from June and end by August and again the winter times start from November and stretch until March or April. Other months in between can be pleasant and can bring in a lot more different climatic conditions all regulated by the sea and the humid winds.

However, visitors can see that the island climate is perfect for all kinds of adventures and festivities that can be celebrated outdoors. They can enjoy the sun and the wind while being outdoors and visiting the beaches and basking in the sun. However, do not forget the sunscreen, especially during the summers and warm clothing during winters as the nights are chilly then.

Five Best Greek Islands

The Aegean Islands are known for their beautiful Greek culture with villages and azure waters with fishing ports and balmy sun. The Greek islands are not just about the white sands and blue waters, but visitors can also enjoy taking in the old world with wonderful chapels, archeological ruins, monasteries, cute houses with varied colored shutters with bougainvillea growing around it creating spectacular views.

However, in the groups of islands, some stand out and thus make the best place to visit while vacationing. Some such islands are:

  1. Mykonos: If tourists want to have a lively time surrounded by celebrations and entertainment, then Mykonos is the place to be. They can enjoy great food at some of the most authentic restaurants scattered along with some tavernas as well. The perfect time to be there is around July until October while the sun is warm creating a happy location. They can visit many churches, native jewelry shops, artisan stores, etc. along with the longest beach of Mykonos, Elia Beach.

  1. Santorini: Santorini is just spectacular to view, surrounded by blue waters. Also, many believe it to be historically and mythologically more relevant as it erupted out of nowhere due to a volcano. People can enjoy both modern as well as historical parts of the island which demonstrates the cultural and ethnic changes over time. They can see the museum, the beautiful village named Ois which is near the basin of the volcano and take walks along the lanes and outskirts experiencing the sunsets.

  1. Crete: One of the largest islands of the Aegean island group, it is a potboiler of many cultures and civilizations who have left a mark on its soil in many years.  The best part of Crete is the Heraklion, one of the biggest cities of Crete, where churches, ramparts, museums, and beautiful beaches can be seen.

  1. Corfu: Limestone hills, sandy beaches, and rich culture are what adorns the Corfu islands. You can find many resorts built near the beaches and have fun in the shallow waters and sandy beaches with some of the best outdoor activities and adventures. The architecture of this place is to be marveled as one can visit the UNESCO heritage site of the town with all parts of the Renaissance era with its neoclassical touch.

  1. Rhodes: Some of the best-kept heritage sites at Rhodes Island is worth visiting as they tell stories of the past when the knight of Saint John stopped the Turks from invading. The pillars, the mazes, the Palace of Grandmaster and Street of Knights are worth visiting while there.

Reaching the Aegean Islands

Island hopping while in Greece is quite common since there are many things to see and enjoy. People can choose several islands from the entire lot by reading about the best locations, the adventurous activities, the sightseeing, the resorts, and the facilities that are provided there. But before deciding on the islands, they should also pay attention to the commute. Though there are many modes of transportation, flying to the destinations are the best option. Tickets can be booked to Greece and the islands, from Travelo.gr easily and also with various other facilities. Other than just the flight tickets, ferry tickets can be purchased which can be a great way to reach various islands along with the car rental availabilities without issues.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, to visit Greece and its glorious islands, with so much to see and do, for an experience that will never be forgotten!

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