10 Best Beaches in Vietnam

by Julia on September 11, 2019

Splendid beaches, magnificent sceneries, and glorious sun! That is what sums up Vietnam, well, almost. The country is a slice of heaven for those who can’t stay away from beaches. No beach lover would like to miss out on those the superb sceneries and peaceful space on the beaches of Vietnam. Book ground and sea transportation tickets online before you head for those beaches.

 For those in search of the best beaches out there, well here is a short list.

  1. Nha Trang Beach

    Nha Trang Beach is a popular tourist destination that is well famous for the range of water sports.  It is home to the first certified dive center of Vietnam and boasts of some best diving spots in the South China Sea. Enjoy activities like kite surfing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, and banana boat rides! This is also surely one of the most Instagrammable places in Vietnam.

  2. Doc Let Beach
    The pristine white-sandy Doc Let beach is preferred by tourists because of its neat and clean surroundings and quieter side. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Vietnam for those looking for great swimming and mesmerizing views.

  3. An Bang beach
    Another popular beach, An Bang beach is well known for its natural beauty and fresh seafood. Tourists spend a relaxing time on the beach and enjoy paddle-boarding and surfing.  The beach may get overcrowded during the peak season.

  4. Danang Beach
    Danang Beach is also known as Da Nang beach and lies somewhere in the middle of the country. Explore miles and miles of the soft-sandy coastline and gaze at the spot where the ocean merges with the horizon. See how the locals set off for the ocean in their bamboo boats. Since it’s easy to reach from Hoi An, it is quite a popular spot.

  5. Ninh Chu Beach
    Ninh Chu Beach can be easily accessed and attracts tourists as well as native people. You will come across people swimming and sunbathing and simply enjoying the beach and nature around. It is indeed a must-try destination to explore during the weekdays.

  6. Long Beach
    Long Beach is world-famous for its picturesque beach scene and boasts of the clear blue waters for swimming. Get ready for a tropical beach experience with beachfront restaurants serving fresh. Mingle with the friendly and welcoming locals and enjoy some relaxing massages right on the beach.

  7. Non Nuoc Beach
    Non Nuoc Beach is one of the gorgeous beaches on the planet. What lures the beach lovers here are the white sandbanks, freshwater, and soft waves. Enjoy water sports like surfing and jet-skiing as well as the indigenous seafood. Look forward to casual swims and relaxing ambiance of the famous beach.

  8. Bai Sao beach
    Bai Sao beach is like a dream and is the perfect beach for any beach lover. It boasts of lush green vegetation, white sands, and aqua blue waters. If you are looking forward to a great beach vacation in Vietnam, head straight for the Bai Sao beach. Explore the scenic beach scene and enjoy the calm swimming waters of the soft sandy beach.

  9. Nha Trang Beach
    The pristine beach of Nha Trang is lively and energetic with natural scenery and great beach activities. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water or take beach walks in the parks and gardens along the coastal. Other attractions along the coastline are hot air balloon rides, water park, and resorts.

  10. Dong Chau Beach
    Dong Chau Beach is seen as one of the most romantic beaches in the country. One of the oldest beaches, it is well known for its scenic nature and sandy beachfront with clean surroundings. Highlights of the beach consist of a mangrove conservatory and pine forests plus those coconut groves. Get ready to explore endless opportunities for fresh seafood here and what makes the beach even more special is kitesurfing, fishing, and bird spotting.

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