Why Travel The Great British Coast In An RV?

by Julia on July 17, 2019

The coastline of Great Britain is both spectacular and varied. From the white sandy beaches of  Pembrokeshire, to the scenic rugged cliff tops of the Highlands, you can see the country at it’s finest on a road trip in your RV. The freedom of travel is there in front of you and there are 7,723 miles to explore. If you walked this, it would take you half a year to make it round the country. But in your RV you can take a fantastic week long vacation and experience the best that Great Britain has to offer.

Beautifully equipped campsites

In Britain, it’s generally frowned upon to park up randomly beside the road for the night. However rest-assured that camping is a British institution and 47% of people that camp in Britain, choose to travel to the coast. This is why you will find some of the most well-equipped campsites in Europe, with not only find some outstanding cooking and washroom facilities, but also play areas and entertainment for the children. Even if you are travelling alone in your RV, there is a real community feel to many of the British coastal campsites - you may even make some new friends.

Great seasonal produce

Touring round the coast of Britain in your RV, you will be able to sample some of the best seasonal, local produce that the country has to offer. In particular the seafood is spectacular – you can stock up your RV fridge and have some very special meals. There are smoked prawns from Cley-Next-The-Sea in Norfolk, along with crab from Cromer. Cockles and whelks from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Lobster from Port Isaac in Cornwall and Langoustine from Ayrshire. You can try something new every day of the week – far better than eating from a burger van.

Best beaches in Britain

Britain’s beaches are so diverse, that you would need a road trip to truly experience the natural beauty of the country. Start down in Brighton and watch a movie in the moonlight, on the stony shore. Then head round to Kent and experience some traditional British seaside at Margate. A must-see on your trip is Holkham Beach in Norfolk “where the sea meets the sky.” Northumberland also has some of the best beaches in the country, including Bamburgh, with it’s drifting white sand dunes.

In your RV you can have a wonderful trip, visiting the quirky, cool and beautiful coastal towns and villages in Britain. You have the freedom of the road and over 7,000 miles to explore.

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