How to travel around the world if you are a student?

by Julia on July 17, 2019

USA college students, just like students from anywhere in the world, long to visit interesting places across the globe, yet stay at home due to lack of resources. Traveling countries bring along multiple benefits in a pupil’s life. They get to understand cross border cultures, study their favorite subjects in expert universities, and make new friends too. However, student travel looks like a distant dream when you have less money.

There is no substitute for the first-hand experience of a country and its folks. If the students are creative and are keen on wanderlust plans, there are a number of ways to voyage without unnecessary expenses. For students, traveling comes with its own share of responsibilities and challenges. Thus, students go places without pinching their normal budget by planning well in advance.

Wondering how to travel as a student? There are many ways to visit places with less money or at times, absolutely no money. Scholars may take advantage of cheap travel plans, and even better, they manage to earn money while traveling too. Below outlined are the best ways to travel for free or at a minimal cost for college students. Enjoy!

  1. Education abroad

The simplest way to travel to a country is to get admission in the best university in that country. Don’t make finances an excuse. Speak to the universities and find out the student scholarship programs and grants they provide to undergraduates and grads from foreign lands. The universities provide financial assistance to learners who have potential and run multiple schemes in association with overseas consultants. If you are worried about holiday projects and time-consuming essays that eat up your time, check out an essay writing service like or similar, and let the essay writing service help you do the job. Do your homework and essay writing well to take benefit of these aids. Get into action and do not let money hold you back from getting into your desired educational institution. Additionally, educational loans from banks and financial institutions are a good option if you are keen to study abroad.

  1. Work part-time

It is usually a part of any educational curriculum of a reputed university to intern or work part-time towards the wrap-up. Another great idea is volunteering to work for a hostel in exchange for free accommodation and food. You will never run out of part-time jobs if you are flexible and willing to lay hands on new things. WWOOF furnish farming work to students across the world. Do check it out if you are ok to work in the soil. Most of the firms present modest stipends for hard work. Your earnings are decent enough to balance your daily expenses. If you belong to an English native, you can earn really well by teaching English part-time.

  1. Volunteering opportunities

Regardless of your expertise, you will find assorted volunteering services in different areas. Better to do good and explore foreign lands without spending much. Most of the organizations offer free food and accommodation in exchange for your services. However, sometimes, you are asked to pay a trivial amount to volunteer. Whatever you choose, ensure the end result is the betterment of the community. You are likely going to work long hours and put in the extra effort while you take up these opportunities. Therefore, if you are only keen on only sightseeing and not offering services, avoid this option completely. Red Cross, Peace Corps, and even Universities let you assist in caring and lending a hand.

  1. Student Discounts

Many websites and online agencies shower pupils with great deals and travel discounts. With your University card, you can avail discounted access to popular landmarks around the world. A lot of websites bestow student discounts on everyday buying. Then there are student travel sections on websites whereby you can find special offers and reduced prices on travel for students. It is all a matter of priority. If you are keen on traveling, you will find ways to globe-trot. You can save a lot of money while going to your desired destination with International student cards provided by most of the reputed universities. Use the student deals and offers to your best advantage.

  1. Find Locals using your social network

Make friends with locals of the country you are traveling to. You will meet people at the university coming from different parts of the globe. Take advantage of such a mix and find connections of your friends in the destination land. Though you might have to pay for voyage and food, many times locals are handy tour guides and help to save a lot of money. Meeting International friends and traveling with them will save you a huge amount. Join clubs and online forums in the university to know more people from the country you wish to travel to. Picking up language skills and understanding a diverse culture is easy when you have a local by your side.

It is not always necessary to have a lot of money to travel. Travelling comes at a price, but doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You just need to be open-minded and explore opportunities to travel cheap. Anyone can do that. University life brings limited responsibilities and tons of friends to create memorable travel experiences. So pack your bags and let not the finances hold you back. Run through the offers and discounts, university programs abroad, financial aids for students to strike the best deal.

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