5 Ways To Make Your Trip Cheaper

by Julia on July 17, 2019

Just the mention of the word travel makes many of us feel like we must now be talking about a specific class of people. That, however, is far from true. What is true is that you have what it takes to travel to whichever part of the world you have ever dreamed of exploring. Whether you are on a research trip, looking for the facts to help build your research paper, or you simply want to explore the other side of the world, you can keep your trips cheap and affordable. There is only one secret: you have to do your planning right. Here are a few tips to help you with planning your budget travel.

  1. Can you find free abode?

If you feel that finding a place to stay is going to be the main headache, you can choose to schedule your travel to a place where you have a friend or relative who can offer you a place to stay. Some of these people may be students from, with whom you can strike a deal, where you help them write research paper for money or in exchange for accommodation. There is also the option of just going online to search for a free place to put up for that short stay. In such places, you can always find a couch or just that space where you can sleep. And you can still just come across people who love hosting travelers, even if they have not known you before.  Whichever will work for you, the most important thing is always to do your research and book this chance early enough before you travel.

How about going for a hostel? A hostel may not give you all the privacy and freedom you may want to enjoy, but if what you need is cheap accommodation, then that it gives you.

  1. Carry your food

The beauty of staying in a hostel or Airbnb is that they offer you a kitchen where you can make your food. So why spend so much in a restaurant when you can have your breakfast and supper back in your hostel? And you can still opt to carry your packed lunch and drinks from home, or buy them at some cheap chop and carry along your journey. The secret is to enjoy your travel experience to the best possible extent, so do not let other things disorganize your budget.

Even if cooking is not your thing, for whatever reason, you can still grab some affordable street food like some hot dog or pretzel. Sit at a corner in the park and enjoy your lunch before proceeding with your journey to explore.

  1. Work

As ridiculous as it might sound, getting some work to do while on your cherished trip is one way of managing your expenses. There are several places where you can offer to work in exchange for accommodation or something else that forms an integral part of your trip. House sitting is another common way of earning some upkeep while on that trip.

You can as well volunteer as a teacher, helping students with writing their research papers or teaching English as a foreign language. You can also volunteer as a farmer or even a research assistant and earn food and a place to stay.

Apart from enabling you to offset some expenses, you also get to learn a few things about the people and their lifestyle, which should most likely be a fascinating aspect to explore.

  1. Select cheaper destinations

Some of the places you may have dreamed of visiting may just prove too expensive for you. Even if you are a student, t is still possible to identify cheaper but lovely destinations that you can visit and still spare some little money to get help with writing your essay.

  1. Earn Miles

Using a credit card instead of cash for buying is no longer something for a special group of people. Anybody can get a credit card, and with it comes several benefits. Most credit cards have several rewards pegged on transacting with them. The most common reward that comes with most credit cards is miles. By transacting with your credit card, you will earn miles, which you can use to board flights, Uber or ferries, or even book hotels. The more you use your card to buy, the more you accumulate points or miles. The secret to getting quick miles is, therefore, trying as much as possible to transact using your credit card to keep earning more miles.

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