The Guide to Los Angeles Freeways for the New Visitor

by Julia on May 23, 2019

For people from the UK hiring cars in the USA can be a nervous experience. Not only do we have to drive on the other side of the road but we have to get used to different cars, different signs and lights and find our way around new destinations – many of which have very complicated road networks. One of those destinations is LA which is very popular with Brits visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica and the beach. LA is a hard city to explore without a car so here are some tips for drivers and new visitors.

Many of the people who end up getting traffic tickets around Los Angeles are tourists who are unfamiliar with the various roadways. Instead of hiring a Los Angeles traffic attorney, it would work in tourists’ best interest to familiarize themselves with L.A. freeways before coming over. It could save you a lot of hassle.


The infamous I-405 is also known as the San Diego Freeway. It is the main north-to-south freeway that cuts through west L.A. It is one of the busiest freeways in the country, so give yourself extra time to reach your destination. For an alternate route, you can take Sepulveda Boulevard or La Cienega Boulevard through L.A.

The Hollywood Split

There is an intersection where the 101, 134 and 170 freeways all meet. This intersection takes place in North Hollywood, and you should be ready for it, so you do not end up going the wrong way. U.S. Route 101 is essential to getting to Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign and Chinatown.


Whereas I-405 is the main north-to-south freeway, I-10 is the primary east-to-west freeway. It connects Santa Monica to Downtown L.A. If the freeway is busy, then your best bet will be to take Washington Boulevard or 6th Street across. Just be careful not to get caught in rush hour traffic.

State Route 60

SR 60 runs parallel to I-10. It will take you through Boyle Heights and lead you right to the Ontario Airport. It may not get as busy as other freeways, but you still want to take it easy. You do not want to need a lawyer for speeding ticket while you are on vacation.

You do not want to miss out on fun adventures because you needed to go to traffic court. In the event you do have a ticket to fight, you should get in touch with a traffic ticket attorney right away.

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