Best Things to Do in Thailand: Island Hopping

by Julia on June 3, 2019

With over 300 islands, Thailand is breathtakingly beautiful, and is probably the best country for island hoppers. However, with so many amazing spots surrounded by azure blue waters, it may be tough to decide which ones to visit. If your Thai vacation is two weeks long, the general recommendation is to pick two or three islands to stay, and go hopping from there. In this quick guide we’ll take you through a selection of travelers’ favorite Thai islands to help you decide.

  1. Samui

Rich with the holiday vibe, Samui is the biggest and most popular Thai island. To make the best out of your visit, this one calls for at least three nights of stay – so rent yourself one of the beautiful Samui Villas and enjoy your time discovering amazing beaches, vistas, and waterfalls on a scooter. You can also indulge in a sundowner drink at Air Bar, party on the beach at Ark Bar, hang out in Fisherman’s Village, soak in the nightlife in Chaweng, or go over to Silver Beach and book yourself a day tour to Ang Thong National Marine Park.

  1. Phuket

One of the larger islands, Phuket is big enough to offer something amazing for everyone. If your aim is to simply get away from it all, then you might want to consider Mai Khao Beach. While this beautiful strip of the coast is conveniently close to Phuket International Airport, it maintains the remote feeling of being a million miles away. Mai Khao comprises 11 beautiful kilometers of sandy heaven, making it Phuket’s longest and one of the least crowded beach fronts.

  1. Phi Phi

While many people refer to Phi Phi as one island, in reality, it is a group of six islands clustered together. You wouldn’t want to miss the strategic spot of the main island, Phi Phi Leh, for it allows you to hop to five different and unique islands that are all close by. Enjoy snorkeling at Sama Bay, silky soft white sands at Maya Bay, diving at Palong Bay, and a relaxing swim in the peaceful waters of Pi Leh Bay.

  1. Krabi

Thailand is all islands famous for their beautiful beaches, especially Krabi. In addition, this piece of heaven boasts an array of awesome activities from rock climbing for beginners in Railay Beach, to professional rock climbing for thrill seekers, to zip lining tours, as well as abseiling. You can also visit other smaller islands from Krabi, where there’s not a dull moment.

  1. Yao Noi

If you’re seeking peace and quiet, then Yao Noi island is for you. A floating representation of seclusion in the Phang Nga Bay, this strip of beauty is almost too relaxing. It boasts pure shorelines, free from crowds and urban development that characterize other more popular islands. This is the perfect location to pass the time lounging under swaying palm trees on pristine white beaches.

Take it All In

If you are one of the lucky ones visiting Thailand’s gorgeous islands, it’s best to plan for your trip to be between November and April – this is when the weather is at its driest. The rains of the monsoon that precede this period leave a cool breeze that eases the heat, lush green landscapes laying out breathtaking vistas. It is, however, good to remember that this is a peak season in Thailand, so you will want to book early to get the accommodation you want.

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