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by Julia on May 23, 2019

Greece is without a doubt the cradle of our culture, our thinking, our laws and our way of understanding the world. Our history cannot be separated from what happened there, and, undoubtedly, beyond its paradisiacal Mediterranean beaches, we still have much to discover from it. And what better place to start than Athens? The birthplace of Democracy and rich in history capital of this gorgeous country. Today we’re taking a look at tailor made tours in Athens and how they create a personal experience with the city and its locals.


Athens is a city full of monuments of antiquity, where the seeds of democracy, philosophy, medicine and Western art were planted. The Acropolis is undoubtedly its symbol par excellence: a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Athena, patron of the city to which she gives her name.

This is a place to honour not only a divinity, but a way of thinking, the Greek, in opposition to that of other peoples called “barbarians”. For this reason the Acropolis is declared a World Heritage Site, including the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike. To its skirts is the archaeological site of the Ágora, a place dedicated in the classical period to politics, the arts, philosophy and everything that made human beings more virtuous.

Walking in the same place where Socrates, Plato or Pericles walked, and visiting the oldest district of Athens, Plaka, imbued with prestigious historical remains such as the Theseion, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Theatre of Herod or the Dionysus Theatre is a must for the traveller.

As recommendations to visit go, we cannot miss the National Archaeological Museum and the Cycladic Museum that houses an important collection of art from the Cyclades Islands with an age of more than 5,000 years.

Tasting the authentic flavours of modern and traditional Greek cuisine in one of the many Athenian restaurants to the sound of live traditional music, or enjoying the view on the terrace of any rooftop bar should also be part of the experience.

Tailor Made Tours in Athens

We have but one word that embodies perfectly what these customized tours are all about: Authentic. These tours adapted and tailored perfectly to the traveller’s needs and preferences are what many call the peak of attention to detail in the travel sector. GreekTravelTellers is one of the tour agencies offering this service in Athens.

Through these tours travellers get to see and experience any of the world famous attractions mentioned earlier while at the same time having absolute control over what exactly and for how long. A personalized tour through Athens does not only focus on providing the traveller as much interesting information as possible about the city but aims to create an authentic experience with a local feel for the traveller that he/she will talk about for many years to come. An unforgettable travel-telling memory that will make you feel as if you’re just another local living in Athens, immersing yourself in all that’s great and true about this city.


Having someone guide you through Athens while employing travel telling techniques, being attentive of you and making you feel like a local is a priceless journey and undoubtedly recommended for those who seek to spend a few days in ancient Greece and truly feel the traditions of the city.

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