Want A Girl’s Holiday To Remember? Three Words: Epic House Party

by Julia on May 22, 2019

Could you imagine life without your besties? We didn’t think so! Having friends around through the hard times and the good times is what helps many of us get through life, and when it comes to planning a girl’s holiday together, it needs to be done right. With prices of flights and accommodation rising each year (especially closer to the summertime), then you might be looking for a more affordable option for you and the girls. Three words: Epic house party! There are hundreds of party houses for rent around the UK that you can rent out for a week so that you can the girls can spend some all-important quality time together. Want to know more? Here’s why you should consider renting a party house for the ultimate girl’s holiday this year!

It’s cheaper than you think

Hiring an entire house for the week isn’t going to come cheap, right?! While you’re not wrong, travelling as a group will make the overall cost much cheaper. For example, if you’re travelling as a group of ten then it’s likely that you’ll need ten bedrooms. This is likely to cost you around £3000 which equates to a mere £300 per person! Not only that, when it comes to food and drink if you all chip in and buy one or two things each, you really won’t be spending much at all for a wonderful weekend away with the girls.

The perfect backdrop for selfies

If you’re on a girl’s holiday then you’re going to need to take plenty of pictures so that in future years, you can all look back on the wonderful memories you’ve made. With a house in the country, you’re bound to have the perfect backdrop for those selfies!

 Not only that, when you’re in the middle of the country and you’re planning a house party, not only will you be able to capture some incredible pictures, but you won’t have to worry about disturbing any neighbours either!

Plenty of bedrooms

While spending the week with your girl’s is going to be amazing, everyone needs their own space from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, if you were to say, rent a hotel room abroad, then you’d be confined to a much smaller space which would mean time alone isn’t really a thing. With a country house, you’d have your own bedroom, hallways long enough to play catch in and without a doubt, plenty of space to have some time to yourself. That’s not to say that for a night or two you won’t all squeeze together and have some serious girl talks, but if you want the space it’s there.

Loads of facilities

One of the main things that can put people off renting a house in the country is the lack of things to do. However, with many country houses, you’ll find that it’s packed with facilities such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor pools

  • Pool and snooker tables

  • BBQ facilities

  • Ping pong tables

  • TV equipped with Sky and Netflix

  • Large rooms for parties if you’re inviting extra guests for an event

  • Plenty of cooking options

 One thing’s for sure, you won’t have to worry about being bored in a party house!


Hot tubs are a great way of relaxing in style with the girls, and with most country houses you can expect a hot tub or two around the premises! They’re not only great for adding luxury either, because no matter whether it’s rain, sun or snow hot tubs are perfect for any occasion and any kind of weather. So, when you’ve got the champagne flowing between a group of you, you’ll be able to enjoy it relaxing in the warmth of a hot tub. Don’t forget to get yourself a new bikini!

Free WiFi

Finally, we live in an age where the easiest way of communicating (other than physically speaking) is via the internet. It’s also likely that during your trip you’re going to want to upload some snaps of your girl’s week away to social media. Luckily for you, many country houses come equipped with free WiFi so that you don’t have to feel disconnected from the world.

 As you can see, taking a girl’s holiday in the country is an incredible idea. Not only is it cheap, but it will also require less travelling and less packing (okay, maybe not). Most importantly, whatever you choose to do with the girl’s for your holiday, make sure you pack your camera so that you can capture lasting memories!

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