Looking to Go Off the Grid? Here Are Four Destinations Worth Adding to Your List

by Julia on May 20, 2019

With city life getting more hectic by the day, many are looking to take a real break from civilisations. Forget sun loungers and resort cocktails – we’re talking about off the grid breaks to truly get away from it all. An off the grid break typically involves going somewhere a little from civilisation, engaging with nature, and leaving a few creature comforts behind. They’re a great way to reconnect with nature and break up with your phone. Before you go remember to sort out the essentials and remember to pack light. Getting the right cover in place before your trip gives you the peace of mind to enjoy our time away. All Clear provide specialist policies that cover people of all ages and medical backgrounds.

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are an archipelago made up of 18 rocky, volcanic islands off the coast of Iceland and Norway, in the North Atlantic Ocean. They’re known for their dramatic scenery and scarce population, which makes them an appealing destination for off the grid breaks. Hikers are in for a real treat as the islands’ unique environment is ideal for exploration on foot and keen birdwatchers will be pleased to know that the islands are home to thousands of seabirds. Don’t expect luxury but do visit for the rugged terrain and a stripped-back living experience.

The Azores

Sometimes called the Hawaii of the North Atlantic, The Azores are ideal for an off the grid adventure. An autonomous region of Portugal, this archipelago is known for lush greenery, picture-perfect-vistas, and lake-filed calderas. There’s more than enough on offer to entertain adventure-hungry tourists, like whale watching, paragliding, surfing, and hiking. Last year The Azores were named the top destination for sustainable tourism. It’s a truly unusual destination that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for a one-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Tinker’s Bubble

This community, located in England’s South Somerset, is proud of its sustainable life philosophy, which uses environmentally sound methods of looking after land, without the use of fossil fuels. The community looks after about 40 acres of land, made up of pastures, woodland, and orchards. It’s powered by solar panels, spring water runs from the tap and composting is the typical way of dealing with waste. Anyone keen to visit and get a taste for this kind of living get in touch by email or post, stating why you’d like to spend some time there. It’s a great place to visit if you’d like to learn more about sustainable living, as you’ll be encouraged to volunteer within the community.

Racha Region

Georgia’s Racha Region has started popping up on more traveller’s lists as more and more head and discover the beauty of this once overlooked destination. While Tbilisi has plenty on offer for culture-vultures, the Racha Region is ideal for anyone looking for a true getaway. You’ll be blown away by the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains as you hike the area’s many trails. You can also taste 28 types of mineral water or indulge by touring the region’s small vineries and tasting the local specialty, a rare semi-sweet Khvanchkara red wine.

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