Travelling to Europe? Here are 8 Places You Must Visit

by Julia on May 20, 2019

Full of life and charisma, Europe is a culmination of celebrated ancient histories, riveting art, along with the lure of adorning landscapes. With never a dull moment, its vibrant cities await you to explore the heights of adventure and mystery by taking you through the life of rich culture, renowned museums, fine restaurants, exciting nightlife, and of course fascinating architecture.

Leaving out any of the wonders in your tour to Europe seems like an injustice, but often limitations such as time and resources make it difficult for you to decide which places you can check off your bucket list. Here are a list of places across Europe which you should definitely visit once in a life time to give yourself an unforgettable experience.

  1. Paris, France

Who has never dreamt of having a romantic stroll along the Seine, standing in front of the iconic Eiffel tower and sipping delicious hot beverages from the sidewalk cafes? Make sure to visit the famous museum The Louvre to fill your soul with historic art and have your breath taken away at the sight of the iconic Notre Dame, which though now suffering a loss because of the great fire, still stands as it has for the past 856 years.

  1. Rome, Italy

When in Rome, do as romans do. Engage with the many historical sites this eternal city has to offer and experience the remnants of the great Roman Empire. Look out for the Pantheon, chase the ghosts of Colosseums and relish the great museums of the Vatican. Treating yourself with the original Italian foods and feeding the Fontana of Trevi some coins to make your wish come true are also an unrivalled experience.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has the charm of fairytale-like landscapes that may well altogether delude you into thinking you’ve stepped off to another realm of magic and mystery. Treasured with many historical landmarks, ancient museums and galleries encompassing some of the greatest artistic collection of Czech Republic, it also holds the crown to Guinness world record of largest castles, because what’s a fairyland without its castles? But that’s not all, Prague’s main attraction remains the gothic beauty that gives residence to many saint statues at The Charles Bridge, its arcs and towers centuries old.

  1. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

While the first camping destination in UK to any Harry Potter fan may remind them of London foremost, a true fan would long to see the iconic railway that was included in the film productions. You might not get a chance to fly a magic car above it because of muggles obviously, but you can very much board the trains to take in the breathtaking scenes of Scotland.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

The city of spas is ever-ready with its numerous bathhouses and gives its tourists – from all over the world – a chance of relaxation at its best. You may forget all the troubles and exhaustion as you steep into the waters of various spas of your own choosing including the extremely popular Turkish style bath straight from Ottoman Empire.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

The eminent surrealist Salvador Dali and the great Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi left a significant influence on Barcelona, which is why the innovative designs on numerous buildings all over the city give a surreal feeling. One of the churches Sagrada Familia, which stands out tall and proud with its elaborative design still under work today. You can be the part of history by checking it out and knowing you saw history built. If you would love to wake up to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, then you must not miss out on a Spanish beach.  Booking a resort is always a good idea because you can easily slip out of your hotel and enjoy the turquoise water whenever you have a hankering for snorkel, surf, or even just to relax on the shore.

  1. Preikestolen, Near Stavanger, Norway

Dare to stand at the edge of this colossal rock formation? For it will definitely knock the wind out of you, as you cling to your life at a height of two thousand feet above, but also transfixed at the same time to witness the sheer beauty of icy blue waters ahead. A fun thing to do is to shout out into the vast space and hear it echo for miles!

  1. Berlin, Germany

Ready to take a break from Mother Nature and back to experience the excitement of the fast-paced city life? Forget New York. Experience the edgy lifestyle, energetic music and try out the epic fashion trends. Berlin’s great wall – following its political history – and its imaginative graffiti all over the city’s buildings are always ready to inspire you.


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