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by Julia on May 17, 2019

Mallorca is well known for its turquoise waters, mild year-round temperatures, luxurious lifestyles and its famous nightlife. This makes Mallorca one of the prime locations for yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

Yacht charter Mallorca offers an exclusive way to see the island by both land and sea and provides all the benefits of superior comfort whilst also offering stunning scenic backdrops, as well as the mild temperatures and crystal clear water you would expect in the Caribbean. The time you spend on board a yacht will give you the feeling of a much longer holiday and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

A week’s charter gives you the opportunity to see the whole island and even the protected area of Cabrera. Some of the most popular coves on the island are on the South-West coast; Andratx, Cala Fornells, Portals, Sant Elm, and Santa Ponsa. All these areas allow you to anchor your boat, offering you the chance to enjoy a swim or ride up to shore in the dinghy for dinner or cocktails. Another popular place is Es Trenc, possibly the most stunning beach on the island. There is little to do here though, other than sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Diving is another great activity to take advantage of whilst sailing as you have the added convenience of not having to carry the heavy tanks down to the beach with you. Some of the most popular places for this are around the Malgrat Islands in Santa Ponsa as they are now protected and have an abundance of wild life.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner on board whilst watching the sunset around Mallorca before setting sail overnight towards the magnificent island of Formentera. Wake up to a stunning sunrise before taking a refreshing morning swim in the perfect, crystal clear water this amazing island has to offer.

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. The variety of landscapes and coasts combined with the beaches and climate is what attracts thousands of tourists each year and make it an excellent location for charter.

The clear waters and turquoise hues can be compared to those of the Caribbean. In some coastal areas, especially in the northwest, there is always a cove or two to discover. The steep cliffs make them impossible to reach by road or foot. A swim from the boat or a ride in the dinghy will allow you a much closer look at these stunning caves and coves.

The cliffs occupy an important part of the coastline, almost always allowing you to navigate just a short distance away from them. In many cases, the coves form natural harbors ending in white sandy shores bordered by pine forests. In its more than 550 kilometers of coastline, Mallorca’s beaches offer something for everyone, weather you are looking for busy tourist beaches or quiet, hidden coves.

The mild climate and abundant supply of marine ports and mooring facilities make Mallorca unique place to yacht charter.

While sailing in Mallorca you should be aware that although the weather is very stable with just a light breeze during the summer, the weather can change very quickly making the coast of Tramuntana, for example, a dangerous place as there are many miles of coastline without the possibility of shelter.

The most important wind of the island is the north wind of which you can take advantage to bring out the sails and take pleasure in some real sailing in Mallorca. It may appear suddenly reaching high speeds so don’t be taken by surprise. It is a good idea to sail around the island in a counter-clockwise direction during the summer months as it gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the wind.

It will take you around a week to really get to know the island by sea and also to explore some of its most spectacular locations by land.

Moving away from the city noise, the murmur of the sea on the hull and the immense blue sky invite us to discover the beauty of the various scenarios offered around Mallorca by Proyachts.

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