Amazing Gift Ideas For Frequent Travellers

by Julia on September 20, 2018


If your holiday shopping for someone who loves to travel, not just any gift will do. These people are not the kind who would want a DVD or a cookbook. Rather, frequent travelers need something that they just can’t leave the house without.

Whether it is something to get them through a long flight or something practical that they can use on the road, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for frequent travelers.

A Luxury Watch

Luxury timepieces like Bell and Ross are the perfect gift for a frequent traveler who travels in style. Not only are they functional, they also serve as a flexible, elegant accessory. They can wear these types of watches to any occasion with confidence.

Collapsible carry case

One of the hardest aspects of travelling is lugging all of your stuff with you and being able to foresee how much carrying capacity you’ll need while you’re away. That’s why a collapsible carry case is the perfect accessory for someone who wants to pack light, but also have flexibility. A collapsible carry case can be stored flat or packed into another bag to reduce the amount of space it takes up. The bag is perfect for when you are going on a mini trip within a larger vacation where you don’t need to take all your things with you.

Local guide books

One of the most perfect gifts for your travelling friend, and one that will get a lot of use, is a local guide book for the destination they are travelling to. Sometimes when you travel it is hard to be inspired to see certain attractions, or even know where the worthwhile attractions are. A guide book is perfect in these circumstances because they contain a ton of information about destinations, including accommodation, restaurants, culture and history. If you want to inspire your friend to travel more and experience more of their destination, consider giving them a local guide book as a gift for their next trip.

Multi-charging kit

One of the most difficult issues you face when travelling is keeping your phone charged. Your smartphone is a multi-purpose object in this day and age as it doubles as your camera, provides social media access and is your main communication device, so keeping it charged is key in maintaining your lines of contact open while travelling, not to mention your safety. Gifting a phone charging kit to your travelling friend is perfect, as many of them contain not only a smart charging cable, but they can also provide a portable power source and even a means to backup your precious files and photos.

A scratch-off map

As an avid traveler myself, one of the best gifts I was ever given was a scratch-off world map. The idea behind these is to scratch off countries or cities from the map as you visit them, which then gives you a great overall view of all the places you’ve visited in the world. It’s not only a fun reminder of everywhere you’ve visited, but it’s also a great conversation piece for when people come to visit to catch up on trip details. It’s fun and functional!

Camping gear

If your friends or family travel locally, then it’s a safe bet that they might be into camping and hiking. Why not get them something they can take on their next camping trip? There are many options at that range from water filtration straws of first aid kits and more. There are many useful gift items for people who love camping and hiking that offer convenience whilst showing your friend that you care about their interests. It’s win-win for all involved.

A great travel pillow

I don’t know a single person who is comfortable sleeping on planes. That’s why travel pillows are such a great gift idea for frequent travelers. I’m not talking about those semi-circular pillows that are for sale at every airport, but rather, one of the newer, more sophisticated travel pillows on the market. These new innovative pillows come in many forms, but all focus on supporting the neck in a way that looks stylish. One of the best offerings function like a hammock for the neck and wraps up to look like a scarf, giving you a far more natural sleeping position in an airplane chair. These innovative new travel pillows also fold up smaller than regular travel pillows, so they can be packed away without taking up too much room.


If you’re faced with choosing a gift for a friend or family member that loves to travel, consider theming the gift around the travel that they will soon be taking. There are so many travel related items that can be practical and functional and will make life easier on the road. Plus, you’ll be showing your friend or family member that you fully support their favorite hobby.

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