Exploring Washington DC Like a Local

by Julia on September 21, 2018

Arranged in the heart of Washington, D.C., Columbia Heights is a great residential neighborhood celebrated for its decent variety, laid-back urban vibe, and a strong feeling of community. The neighborhood’s pride is reflected in each local retailer, eatery, and park. The community even has an annual celebration, Columbia Heights Day, which is a free occasion with a fair, fitness classes, live music, and all the more just to commend the zone’s unity. Make sure not to miss it on June sixteenth this year!

Columbia Heights apartments are known for taking incredible pride in their neighborhood and with its unique mix of profound memorable roots and a tense, socially cognizant energy; it’s surely not difficult to perceive any reason why!

Incredible Shopping

Columbia Heights is a hub for retail in DC. Regardless of a considerable number of the country’s most conspicuous storefronts, there is an assortment of locally possessed organizations giving basic services to the region.

Recreation and local communities

There are various amazing local communities that you can visit in Columbia Heights. Once you will start exploring the area, it would be hard for you to get back. Everything about the area is beautiful. There’s no absence of recreational services and comforts accessible to the individuals who make Columbia Heights apartments their home. Regardless of whether you have affection for the outside, gratefulness for art, or seek a functioning social and nightlife, there is something for everybody everywhere.

Meridian Hill Park a perfect place for picnic

It is the early 20th century park where you will come across the statues of some historic figures. Do not forget the amazing fountain that has been attracting people for a long time. The park will make you feel like you are you are in European park. It is a relaxing area where you can enjoy some quality time with friends. The best thing is the huge benches and the large area of grassy land. You can even come alone in the park to read a book.

The most loved part of living at Columbia Heights apartments is the entrance to an assortment of wonderful outside zones. While urban living manages us, a unique lifestyle brimming with conveniences and comforts, once in a while all of us simply require a break from all the hurrying around of the city. In Columbia Heights, you are lucky to have a refuge by means of its different private and public parks.

Go to 11th Street for an Amazing Night out

11th Street toward the East is a hub for local bars, feasting, and social activity. Regardless of whether you need to bring your companions out for a peaceful savor a lovely environment or are looking for a night of music and moving, you’ll see everything on this strip. The New York Times even considered it the “Hip Strip” as a result of its quickly creating social scene. You can likewise make a beeline for the close-by U Street Corridor in case you are searching for more nightlife variety.

Mexican Cultural Institute is the best spot

If you want to have an historic experience assure that you visit the institute. It is located in the 20th century mansion where you will find everything with the Mexican theme. You will find some of the best cultural exhibits, historical items as well as concerts are organized in the location. The mansion is busy most of the time that makes it easier for you to come and visit the place.

Visit the Mount Pleasant

If you will walk towards the western side of the Columbia Heights you will come across the quaint enclave with restaurants, bars and Salvadoran markets. It is a place that will take you into the depths of Columbia and you will be able to visit the place in the most fun and exciting way.

Take two wheel to explore the neighborhood

One you are in Columbia Heights do not forget to get on the two wheels and explore the neighborhood. It is an amazing experience because you will not get tired due to cycling and you will be able to quickly move around all the buildings and other spots.

Visit Bloombars

Bloombars is a community place for arts and culture and as often as possible host’s the occasions for grown-ups and kids. They have been voted the Best Arts and Culture Nonprofit for six sequential years by Washington City Paper’s readers. You will need to look at their date-book much of the time to perceive what they have coming up; you can discover everything from a film appearing to expressive dance when you walk through their entryway.

If you are lucky you could meet and make friends with a resident of Columbia Heights apartments, who can show you around local attractions. These are only few things locals love about the neighborhood, however there’s significantly more to investigate.

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