What You Need to Know Before Visiting Lake Como from Milan

by Julia on September 19, 2018

When you plan a trip to Italy, Milan and Lake Como are definitely on your check list- as they are idyllic places of this amazing country. As the third largest lake in Italy, Lake Como offers enchanting views for its visitors and it is definitely a great place to have beautiful experiences that will turn into unforgettable memories. For those willing to have a nice Italian experience and want to be inspired and know what to expect, we provide you the tips you need to know before visiting Lake Como from Milan.

  1. Have a good transport plan

Fortunately, there are many ways of getting to Lake Como from Milan. Even if you might have heard about trains and boats, because they are cheap, you might find out that it is very difficult to catch a train and even more difficult to travel by boat, as it takes a lot of time. You might think about hiring a car if you’re legally allowed to drive or consider services such as Milan airport taxis, which is one of the best ways to make sure you’re all set with a good Milan airport transfer.

  1. You need cash in Como

The landscape might be amazing and you might enjoy a good swim, but good holidays- as you might already know- are not cheap. You need cash in Como and you need to be well-informed about the beautiful hotels, restaurants and bars you need to visit. You can’t say no to a lakeside Negroni or to climbing up the Duomo in Milan- they’re wonderful experiences you’ll never forget.

  1. Swimming is difficult in Lake Como

As appealing as a swim in the famous lake might seem to you, you should know that finding a patch which does not feel like a shallow pond is quite a challenge. What is more, you might find swimming among the ducks, geese and boats a bit weird, especially if you are a beginner, so try focus on enjoying the view rather than planning to win a swimming marathon when you go there.

  1. Tourist in Como are diverse

From old people to young families and amorous couples, Lake Como is quite popular among people. Many times, it is full of tourists feeding the ducks, admiring the views who wave you from the boats, so it’s quite amazing to spend more time there and Lake Como is definitely on everyone’s taste!

  1. Planning ahead is a smart choice

You might want to visit Como for its view and the famous Duomo, but if you want to have a great Italian experience and see everything, you should plan everything ahead. From Bellagio and Menaggio to Varenna, everything is worth visiting when you’re around.


You’re now well-prepared to embrace the experiences and views Lake Como will add to your travel diary. Make sure you plan ahead the places you’d like to see and the means of transport you’d like to use and do not forget to enjoy every moment of it.

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