Where to Spend your Vacation this Summer

by Julia on July 10, 2018

In this time of the year, travelers are starting to plan their next destination for vacation since summertime is fast approaching. With plenty of options to choose from, travelers and vacationers alike must be precise in choosing the best destination so as not to waste money and achieve the most enjoyable summer vacation during this time.

One recommendation is going to Europe and cool off by taking Scandinavian vacations during the summer. Scandinavia offers different kinds of places and activities that will surely make your vacation a whole lot of fun. From secret summer islands to coastal towns and amazing attractions, Scandinavia is definitely a unique destination ready to be explored.

If you’re romantic, religious, and loves architectural places, then you could also opt for Italy vacations package this summer. Italy’s rich cultural and religious history is its top attractions, so it’ll surely be an unforgettable and enjoyable tour for the summer.

Here is the different Scandinavian and Italian destinations that you want to explore during your vacation this summer:

 Norway’s Fjords, Trolls Tongue, and Lofoten Island

Norway is a top destination in Scandinavia. It’s known for its natural attractions, aside from the famous northern lights. One of the top attractions of in this quaint Scandinavian country is the fjords.

The fjords are long, thin inlets with steep sides or cliffs, and Norway is one of the countries that have some of the most beautiful fjords in the world. For the mountaineers and hikers, other attractions also include the famous Trolls tongue and the Lofoten islands.

Iceland’s Glacier Lagoons, Geothermal Baths, and Breathtaking Waterfalls

The glaciers are one of Iceland’s top attraction in the country, so you can stop by and marvel at these Icelandic icebergs, which covers almost 11 percent of the country’s landmass. Jokulsarlon, a large glacial lake that is filled with giant glaciers, is one of the glacier destinations you could go as well.

Geothermal resorts and breathtaking waterfalls are also a must-see in the country. The ironic combination of hot and cold makes Iceland a calming spot, so  if you’d want to relax and bask under the Scandinavian sky.

Swedish Getaway

This country is certainly a beauty of its own for its cozy old towns and cultural places, small fishing villages, and scenic landscapes. Here, you’ll not only snuggle under warm covers in some of the most amazing hotels but also enjoy their outdoor activities like strolling and visiting the towns and shops of Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Experience the Best of Italy

Italy is the most romantic country in the whole world, which makes it a great summer destination for lovers or even the families. Tourist attractions include architectural masterpieces in Venice and some of the most popular sights, the baptistery in Florence, the Vatican in Rome, and the iconic Colosseum.


Taking a vacation outside the country is always a pleasant adventure and an experience we all deserve. So, make your summer an eventful one by going to Italy or any of the Scandinavian countries to relax and experience the destinations these places offer.

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