Spending Holidays In A Farmhouse in Gozo

by Julia on July 12, 2018

When most of us think of a farmhouse, we imagine life in the outback surrounded by chickens, cattle and piglets. At least that’s what I thought before I arrived in what would be my abode for the next couple of weeks in the Xaghra region of Gozo, and I soon found that my previous imaginings of farmhouse life couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, Gozitan farmhouses continue to exceed all expectations with their unique blend of contemporary luxury finishes coupled with the charming ambience of the countryside. Even though Gozo is a small island. It has many activities to offer.

Our farmhouse had ample space to house our group of six (me included!) and we couldn’t have asked for a more stunning setting than the village landscape that surrounded us for those two weeks we spent in Gozo.

The Arrival…

The exterior of the farmhouse was carved in creamy limestone and from the moment we walked through the large entrance doors, I was absolutely awed by the dimensions of the interior. We were welcomed by tall ceilings and a tastefully furnished living area with an imposing fireplace that added to the warmth created by the natural light emanating from the large windows. All of the rooms were spacious and filled with natural light, and they featured beautiful white-washed walls, four poster beds and plenty of amenities.

However, I was even more impressed by my room, which had one of those traditional Maltese balconies that overlooked a stunning swimming pool that just beckons you to enjoy a refreshing dip as a respite from the sultry Mediterranean sun.

The interesting thing about old Maltese farmhouses though, is that while most of them have retained much of the traditional structural details, architecture and materials, they’ve been updated to include all of the modern conveniences that you’d expect in a modern-day hotel suite. Plus, there were plenty of other pretty farmhouses dotted around the countryside and by the ocean in the village we lived in, which added to the overall ambience of being in a rustic yet picturesque village.

The Surrounds…

A short drive from the village is the beach, where we suntanned almost every day during our first week there, and since there were so many adventure water sports on offer, I decided to do a bit of snorkeling as well. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that even though Gozo is a small island, it has many activities to offer.

During our stay, we got to enjoy Gozitan cooking at its best every single day and night, thanks to the abundance of lovely cafes and restaurants throughout the island, especially along the coastline. The seafood in Gozo is fresh and delectable, although I also enjoyed the ftira, which is a local type of bread that is unlike anything I’ve tasted before!

All this eating out meant that we didn’t end up cooking nearly as much as we thought we would, even though our farmhouse did feature a lovely fully-equipped kitchen. In all fairness, we did utilize the coffee machine several times, as well as the barbeque outside.

Speaking of which, the outdoor area at the farmhouse had a beautiful sitting area with a couple of sun tanning chairs next to the pool, where we’d often spend lazy afternoons catching up or enjoying the scenery, which included a view of the ancient citadel in the distance.

We also got a chance to view the citadel from inside on one of our tours of the island, and as it turns out, the first fortifications of the Cittadella- as it’s commonly known-were built in the 15th century and this ancient structure features some of the most intricately drawn frescoes you’ll ever see. However, what strikes me about this building is its structural integrity, which is testament to the quality of Gozitan construction methods, which are still in use today in some form or fashion.

Although we could have probably gotten around fine by using the bus system, the owner of the house did recommend that we hire a car, and we’re really glad that she suggested that because it offered us better flexibility to get where we wanted to go in our own time, and the house had plenty of parking space, which was great. As a result, we had days where we would just explore and experience different parts of the island, and on other days we would focus on one particular area, like one of the beaches, for example. Ramla Bay in particular had a spectacular sunrise that was definitely worth an early start to the day. Think sun-kissed red sand while enjoying the quiet and peaceful morning atmosphere. Afterwards we also got to see the oldest free standing temples in the world, known as the Ggantija.

After a long day of exploring around the island, I particularly enjoyed soaking in the generous tub that was in my en-suite bathroom, which allowed me to enjoy amazing views of the pool outside. I also liked the warm earthy colors that were part of the home’s décor scheme, and there was no shortage of gypsy chic touches everywhere, which is what really gave the house flair and character in my opinion.

Where we Stayed

The house had air conditioning which was very important to us because a family member who had visited Gozo complained that the house he stayed in only had a fan, and since it was in the middle of the summer, he found it extremely hot. So definitely check for that if you plan on booking a farmhouse in Gozo as your accommodation.

All in all, I would definitely recommend staying at a farmhouse in Gozo. Most of these homes are the ideal base from which to explore the island if you’re travelling with a group of friends or your family, and they feature amenities that’ll keep each member of the family contented throughout the holiday. However, most of them don’t really accept pets so you’ll have to check ahead of time if you’re travelling with the family dog, but our group wasn’t travelling with a pet so that wasn’t an issue for us.

We had such a fantastic stay that we literally didn’t want to leave, and we were so comfortable staying at the farmhouse that it had become like a second home. I’ll definitely book this farmhouse the next time I travel to Gozo and I felt like an absolute princess throughout my stay!

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