Enjoy an Adventurous Niagara Falls Break

by Julia on July 9, 2018

Not every travel destination screams adventure. The Niagara Falls is one of those places. Of course, the massive waterfalls are magnificent, but most people do not realize that you can get up close and really experience the overwhelming power of these waterfalls. People tend to think, first, the photos they have seen of tourists standing on terra-firma with the waterfalls cascading behind them.

But, as you will see, there are plenty of thrilling ways to see and experience this natural wonder. You can start the easy way by booking yourself a room at the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel that has a view of the waterfalls. It is a great way to get a full appreciation of just how majestic they are. You will also get the chance to enjoy them at night because they are lit up until about 1am.

The other benefit of these rooms is that many of them have Jacuzzi style baths. As you will see, you are going to really appreciate soaking your aching limbs, so that you are ready to go again the next day.

Get up close to the waterfalls

There are two ways to get to the very base of these massive waterfalls. You can take a boat trip or book the Behind The Falls tour. Without a doubt, the high adrenaline option is the jet boat tour. At certain points, the boat is almost swallowed up by the spray. It is certainly a wild and exciting ride, perfect for the thrill seeker.

The far tamer option is the Behind The Falls tour. When you take that trip you get taken by elevator down to the caves behind the waterfalls. After a short walk through the tunnels, you pop out onto a walkway that is directly opposite the base of the falls. Once there you can fully appreciate the power of the water. It is clearly far more exciting than it sounds on the page, the reviews for this experience tour reflect this fact.

Wild Play Element Parks

If ziplines are your thing, this is the place to head. The zipline adventure course is an innovative and fun attraction that is well worth experiencing.

Experience flyboarding

On the Canadian side of the Falls, there is the chance to learn how to flyboard. It is tricky at first, but there is something thrilling and exciting about being suspended up high on a jet of water.

Have a go at skydiving

Not far from the waterfalls you can go skydiving. There is no age-limit, so virtually anyone can enjoy this high adrenaline experience. If the weather is right you will fly over the Falls and get to see them from above. On those days, you effectively get two memorable experiences for the price of one.

Take a helicopter ride

Another exciting way to see the waterfalls from above is to take a helicopter tour. It is wise to book in advance.

Be sure to buy the right insurance

If you are going to try out some of these high adrenalin ways to enjoy the waterfalls, and the surrounding area, be sure to check that your travel insurance covers you for these activities. You can find out how to do this by reading this article.

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