Choosing the right Royal Holiday Vacation Club destination for your summer vacation in the U.S.

by Julia on July 9, 2018

So many options and not enough time to sort through them — that’s why you’re going on vacation, right? You need to clear the schedule and get out of town, for at least a little while. But which Royal Holiday destination in the United States should you choose? It’s all in what you want to experience on your relaxing and invigorating break from your normal day-to-day. We’ve come up with a series of questions you can ask yourself to determine which location is going to be right for you. Get ready to do some thinking and use that imagination.

1. Are you most intrigued by a warm and breezy beach getaway, cabin-style accommodations by a tranquil lake, a dramatically-perched ski resort, or a quiet and well-outfitted hideaway in the midst of a bustling city? We can set you up with any of the four. For your best beach experience, try High Point World Resort in Orlando or Wave Crest at Del Mar. For skiing, try our marquee Streamside at Vail, and for skiing in the Appalachians, you can enjoy a peaceful interval at Tanglwood Resort. We have locations in New York City, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, among other metropolitan areas. All of our city locations are right in the center of the action.

2. Do you anticipate spending most of your time relaxing by the pool, or out seeing the sights? If you’re looking to relax by the pool, it might be best to book a vacation at one of our more all-inclusive resort environments. Try the Winners Circle Resort in San Diego, which boasts a tennis club and numerous on-site restaurants. Maybe you’ll make a couple of jaunts into the city, but you’re mostly looking to chill. If you’re looking to see the sights and change things up, try the Manhattan Club in New York. You’ll be a 5-10 minute walk from both 5th Avenue and Central Park.

3. Who’s coming with you? If you go to Vegas, of course, you will want to experience the nightlife, but many of our resorts are located to take advantage of many outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy. For example, our gorgeous Cliffs Club in Kauai, Hawaii comes with a nearby activities list that includes snorkeling, sailing, golf, scuba diving, water skiing, and more. Of course, your kids will be clamoring to sign up, but the Cliffs Club makes a great honeymoon location for an active newlywed couple, as well.

Hopefully those have been some productive starter questions to start you thinking about Royal Holidays’ U.S. offerings and which of the variety of locations and experiences you’d enjoy. There’s truly something for everyone, and once you have a blast on one Royal Holidays vacation you’ll want to pick another of our spots! We’re always rolling out new special offers and deals, so be sure to become a member and check our website to see what’s coming up. Whatever vacation story you’re hoping to tell, we’ve got a rejuvenating and eye-opening experience to match — visit us at

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