Why Mykonos luxury villas are so popular

by Julia on June 13, 2018

When it comes to summer vacation in Greece, Mykonos is perhaps the most popular destination. The reason for this is the fact that this small island is known for its beautiful beaches and its more than vibrant night-life. Some of the most famous beach bars and clubs in Europe are located there, making it the destination of choice for party lovers and celebrities from all over the world.

As you can probably tell, Mykonos is considered a “playground for the rich and the famous”, which is why a lot of luxurious and very spacious villas can be found there. What you may not know however, is the fact that a lot of “regular Joes” prefer to spend their vacation in luxury villas than in a hotel room. This is because those villas can accommodate a lot of people and if a group of friends pool their resources, they will be able to easily afford to stay in a villa for a few days. What do those villas offer though?


Mykonos is always crowded, which means are usually fully booked and pretty noisy and full of prying eyes. If you would like to spend a few days in privacy and away from the hustle and bustle of hotels and resorts, luxury villa is the perfect choice. Privacy is their major selling point, after all. For those who can afford it,  they can not only rent luxury villas but they can also buy luxury villas and have their own one just for themselves.

Opulence and style

Villas are all about luxury, which is expected since they are usually rented by jet-setters and members of royal families. Not only are they large and spacious, they are also decorated with high quality furniture from famous designers and they come equipped with the latest in technology when it comes to entertainment and appliances. In short, you can expect nothing but the best and most opulent when you rent a Mykonos luxury villa. If you ever wanted a slice of the high-life, this is your chance!

Your personal guide

There’s lots to do and see in Mykonos, especially when it comes to restaurants and clubs. The problem however is that there usually waiting lists for some of the hottest clubs and beach bars (yes, you have to BOOK a sunbed!). That’s where your private guide that “comes” with your villa comes in. He or she will let you in on the “secrets” that only the locals know and they will also help you visit any club or bar you wish to.

Chefs and other staff

If you choose so, you can a rent a fully staffed villa. This means that it will come with a chef and cleaning staff on standby. You can even host a party or a get-together for your friends while you are at it!

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