6 Car Emergency Kits for Holiday Driving

by Julia on June 12, 2018

Holiday plans come with a lot of excitement and preparation for maximum fun while outdoors. Whether you are going through airports or cross border to your destination, the need for a flawless adventure is desirable.

This might include car maintenance and complying with driving or holidaying laws of the local state you are set to visit.

Nonetheless, an emergency kit is a must-have for enhanced safety before your automobile insurance cover steps in to help foot the medical bills.

In this review, we provide the 6 things to pack in your car emergency kit for your upcoming escapade.

  1. Backup lighting

In case your car breaks down at night in the middle of nowhere, a backup lighting system will come in handy.

Remember, breakdowns aren’t always accustomed to happen during the day, neither is the journey always void of setbacks. Anything can happen hence be ready.

In addition, don’t forget the reflectors to warn oncoming vehicles in case of a tire puncture fix. Ensure your flashlight is packed with spare batteries too.

  1. Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers might not be of necessary use to you but also to your fellow motorists on the road. Besides, you never know how you might save the day with your fire extinguisher in case of a car crash.

  1. A cell phone and charger

Your cell phone could make all the difference just in case of a vehicle breakdown or you are facing real danger. It could that life-saving gadget to call in local authorities to whisk you away from an imminent wild animal attack.

However, electronics can sometimes let you down due to cellular network coverage issues and the like.

Therefore, to be prepared for the unexpected, carry an extra charged cell phone and a charger. This will guarantee you are always connected, just in case of any eventuality.

  1. First aid kit and water

Just in case during your holiday your car is involved in a minor collision or your passengers get a minor injury, your first aid kit comes handy.  It could help stop that profusely bleeding wound before you reach the nearby hospital and save a life.

Notably, check that your first aid kit has enough of the antiseptics, trailhead, pain relievers, gauze and other essential items.

Besides, it is advisable to stay hydrated all day long by taking 6 to 8 glasses of water. To maintain this dietary practice, carry enough water in small plastic containers in your kit. Remember, you are likely to get hydrated fast if it is scorching during summer.

Furthermore, your car might also need cooling as you hit the crowded highways and byways during your holiday trip.

In addition, the water could help you clean a minor wound before treating it and covering it.

  1. Extra tires and a car jack

If you have a car that comes with extra tires carriages that should be awesome. However, if yours isn’t designed to hold an extra spare, ensure you pack some with a car jack if you have space in your car.

Long holiday road trips can sometimes get messy, especially if you are traveling when it is hot or going through rough terrain.

Besides, know how to change a tire, if you are alone, just in case of a flat. However, if you are with some company, it is important at least someone or a few people know how to do it quickly.

Don’t always assume you can count on help from journeying motorists. This might expose you to risks of meeting unfriendly strangers which might expose your life to unexpected risks.

  1. A reliable navigation system

Could you be heading unfamiliar holidaying grounds? Think of carrying in your car emergency kit proper functioning navigation system to help you locate where you are destined.

However, if you are renting a car, ask the rental firm to provide you with a guide on how to use things like the GPS systems. Are you carrying a portable design? Then ensure you don’t forget to have it charged and packed with its charger. In addition, include in the kit its mounting device to help hold it stable on the driver’s front view.

Wrap up

No doubt, there is more you need in your emergency kit. Nonetheless, make your holiday an incredible experience with family and friends.

Besides, remember to carry a cheap car cover and sleeping bags or warm blankets. They will help protect the car body from dust while camping and stay warm once it gets cold late at night. Lastly, don’t forget to study the weather for readiness.

I hope this checklist keeps you abreast of what you need for a memorable upcoming holiday.

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