Things to Keep in Mind When Starting A Travel Blog

by Julia on May 22, 2018


So you’ve decided to heed the call of the great open road for good. That’s great! You’ve also decided that in order to finance your lifestyle, you’re going to start a travel blog and offer people advice and enticing stories as they read about your adventures. Even better. But be aware that there’s more to starting a blog than than simply registering a clever domain name (although this is crucial). Travel blogging is a constant, and in some cases, exhausting endeavor – remember all of the tech you’re going to have to carry with you – and that requires a steady stream of creativity and hard work to keep going. However, it’s definitely possible. But if you are going to write a travel blog, then learn from the mistakes of those who went before you, and heed this advice:

Don’t make it so personal

We get it, it’s your blog, about your life, but that doesn’t mean your readers want to know the finer, grittier details about that Skype call you had with your partner while lying behind the couch of your hostel’s common room in Amsterdam because that’s the only place you could get signal. Keep your reader’s intent in mind. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were reading a travel blog, what information would you gain value from? Would it be the travel tips, how to save money on train fares, the free walking tour that showed you the various types of architecture permeating the town, and the fantastic local restaurant spots?

Have a plan in place

Many travel blogs simply eyeball their content strategy, adding an article here and there and determining what content it will include on the fly. There’s definitely room for this, but in the grand scheme of things it’s important to have some sort of plan to follow. Create a narrative, schedule posts and ensure continuity. Not only will this make it easier for your readers to follow, but it will add a sense of cohesion and comprehension to your journey. This doesn’t mean you have to schedule content every day, but keep it regular when you can. That way, your readers will know when to expect an article, and you can keep those page visits up.

Ensure your posts create value

Your articles should bring value to the lives of your readers. This means avoiding clichés and writing about things that have been written to death. Yes, we know to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Tower Bridge in London, the Full Moon Party in Thailand and Central Park in New York. Unless you’re approaching these topics from a new angle – such as from a local’s point of view, or discussing their history and how it affects current relations and politics – you should pursue fresher, more interesting angles. Of course, this largely depends on the niche of your blog, but a good rule of thumb to follow is – if it’s not creating value, get rid of it.

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