Plan a Memorable Getaway to Spain for your next Vacation

by Julia on May 23, 2018

Situated on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, the country of Spain is a country full of diverse cultures and varying terrains. With its wonderful beaches, beautiful cities, gorgeous architectures, wild celebrations and much more, this country has a certain kind of addiction associated with it. It is no wonder that millions of travellers visit this beautiful country every year for an enjoyable vacation. And if you are looking for a place to travel to during your next holiday, then look no further. Just book one of the mansions in Spain, travel to the country and spend one of the most luxurious, memorable vacations you have ever been to.

When to visit

Spain enjoys more or less great weather throughout the whole year, which makes a vacation at almost any time of the year a beautiful experience. However, the summer months are most popular among tourists to visit this country. However, this popularity makes the summer months a less likeable time to visit Spain as you will face a lot of crowds everywhere you go. Especially during the month of July and August see the most footfalls, so it is best to avoid these months. If warm weather and a suntan is something which you cannot do without, then you can travel to the country during the months of June and September.

However, winters are the best time to visit Spain, if you are not planning to travel to the northern side of Spain. Northern Spain suffers from really bad weather during this time. However, the rest of the country remains really cosy and eventful, and you will be facing a lot less crowd. The prices remain quite cheap, accommodations are easily available and you can explore the true beauty of the Spanish cities at your own pace.

Where to go


One of the most obvious cities where you have to travel to when you visit Spain for a vacation is Barcelona. Known for its beautiful architecture and, the city of Barcelona will take your breath away. Being the largest city and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a place of both economic and historic importance. The city houses some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, which make it one of the best places to visit for a seaside vacation. You can also enjoy the awesome nightlife that the city has to offer. The landmark church of Sagrada Familia, the beautiful Park Guell, the Gaudi masterpiece name Casa Mila are some of the must-visit attractions while you visit this city.

The Balearic Islands

The 16 Balearic Islands of Spain houses one of the most popular island destinations of all time – Ibiza. This extremely famous island is surely a place where you have to visit when you travel to Spain. However, the rest of the Balearic Islands also offer some of the most beautiful beaches and the clearest blue waters that you have ever experienced in your life. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, these islands enjoy an almost perfect weather for almost all the time of the year. Remember to visit Bellver Castle and La Seu Cathedral while you are on the islands. However, there are no better things which you can do than to relax at the beaches and enjoy the beautiful weather and the magnificent views of the ocean while you are here.


The central capital of Spain, Madrid is a city full of extravagant boulevards and impressive parks. The city is famous among art enthusiasts for its great collection of European art. Take a trip to the Museo Nacional Del Prado to see some of these beautiful artworks with your own eyes. The portico-lined Plaza Mayor, located at the centre of old Madrid is one of the places where you have to visit while you are here. The Royal Palace and Armory is located near the plaza, and it is another one of the must-visit places of the city.

What to do

Relax at the beaches

Spain is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And it will be a sin if you visit Spain and do not come to the beach. No matter where you visit, be it Barcelona or Ibiza or Valencia, you will be spoilt with options with respect to beaches where you can go and relax for your whole day. Get a suntan, enjoy some beautiful food at the seaside cafes and hit the water for a swim.

Enjoy some beautiful artworks

Spain has some of the largest collections of European art for you to enjoy. Especially the city of Madrid is famous among travellers for its collection of art. If you are an art enthusiast, travelling to Spain will be a pleasure for you. There are many museums and galleries where you can see these works on display Visiting some of these museums and appreciating these beautiful installations is a must when you travel here.

Party on Ibiza

You cannot travel to Spain and not visit Ibiza. Being one of the most famous islands in the world for its beach parties and nightlife, partying in this island is simply a must when you travel to Spain for a vacation. There are a ton of clubs and pubs on the island, and many organisations also organise parties on the beach itself for you to indulge in.

Enjoy the festivals

Spain is known for the various festivals it hosts every year. Especially the Tomatina Festival is known around the world for its huge Tomato Battle involving over 2000 people. The festival gets organised in the month of August, and you will be foolish to miss it if you are travelling to the country during that time. However, if you are visiting the country during some other time of the year, there will be plenty of festivals for you to take part in.

See a bullfight

Although controversial Bullfighting is an integral part of the Spanish culture and it is one of the must-do things when you travel to Spain. Madrid and Andalusia host a lot of bullfighting tournaments during the summer months, and you must book a ticket to witness this brutal sport with your own eyes.

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