The ultimate guide to surviving your first couples holiday

by Julia on May 22, 2018

The first holiday you have with your partner can make or break a relationship. For many, it’s the final litmus test, the proof that you can actually stand each other’s company for more than a day.

So that means you want it to go off without a hitch – for the sake of your holiday and your relationship!

But don’t go drafting that break-up text message yet (breaking up by text is disgraceful, by the way). We’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together this ultimate guide to get you through your first couple’s holiday without starting an argument.

Take a look and make sure you bear our tips in mind.

Don’t be a tightwad

No one like a person who’s tight with money – so be prepared to shell out for a few extras.

Let’s say you’re flying from Edinburgh Airport as an example. Are you going to spend as little as possible on the tram to the terminal then hang around with noisy kids and families in the departure lounge?

Or are you going to drive there, spend a little extra on reasonably cheap Edinburgh Airport parking and kick back in the VIP departure lounge?

You already know the answer – loosen the purse strings a little.

Set aside alone time

This might be the first time you’ve spent an entire week with your truest and newest love – and, if you’re a natural introvert, you might not cope amazingly with all those days spent with one person.

So agree to a little bit of time apart on your holiday. That might mean a breezy afternoon on your own in a café while your better half grabs some shopping, or it could mean some alone time in the hotel room while your partner sees the sights.

Either way, it’ll keep you both amicable.

See the sights you both want to see

The ideal relationship is about compromise – and sometimes that means you don’t get exactly what you want.

Agree on activities you’d both like to see first, then head to the ones that one of you isn’t as keen on. It’ll mean you both get enough satisfaction out of your holiday.

Find friends

If you meet with a new couple on your holiday, you’ll have an anecdote for life. ‘How was your holiday?’ your friends will ask. And, every time, you’ll reply, ‘It was great. We met such a lovely couple…’ and proceed to humblebrag about your easy-going social skills.

Not only that, but you’ll both enjoy the extra company. A holiday friend is endlessly interesting so make sure to be sociable at the bar.

And those are our tips on getting through your first couples holiday. Have you got any of your own? Then let us know in the comments section below.

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