Pixel Britain: Iconic UK scenes in 16-bit gifs

by Julia on March 14, 2018

Every country has its own character and iconic imagery, but few have the variety, history, and humor of the UK.

From Roman province to failing empire in its own right, Britain’s history has often basked in the glow of glory – with all the gory implications that brings. Today, it’s a funny little island that makes up for its downturn in fortunes and political slip-ups with a rich and inventive culture that means there’s always something new to see.

Britain is a humble country with memories of greatness, and this new series of 16-bit gifs commemorating some the island’s most celebrated sights somehow captures that feeling at a glance.

We open with the white cliffs of Dover, immortalized in that wartime song for the ‘welcome home’ view they provided to soldiers returning from the continent. Today they offer a ‘welcome hello’ to visiting Europeans who take the ferry from Calais, in amongst the Brits and their carloads full of cheap continental booze!

The Castlefield Canals in Manchester are a symbol of the hard work, toil, and exploitation of workers at the birthplace of the industrial revolution, but also of the city’s regeneration as a cultural and artistic hotspot today.

And the glory days of Blackpool, just along the west coast, took place somewhere in between those historical moments. The city took off as a cheap and cheerful holiday destination for working Brits when employment conditions began to improve a century and a bit ago. The resort is striving to modernize without compromising its heritage, and classic attractions such as the light show and Eiffel-inspired Blackpool Tower nestle alongside new, old-skool flavored entertainment such as the Horror Crypt – billed as the ‘Museum of Monsters and Madmen’!

That same strange mix of old and new can be found over the border in Scotland. To many, Harry Potter is the UK’s most notable export of late – and you’ll find plenty of locations from the movie to visit. The Glenfinnan Viaduct is one of them, since the Hogwarts Express crossed the rail bridge there in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Even when painted from blocky pixels, the countryside there looks alluring – and you’ll also pass such astonishing sights as Loch Shiel and the Jacobite monument on your luxury journey through the highlands.

But the peace and quiet is swiftly broken by a throbbing image of Glastonbury festival at night! It’s one of the most famous festivals on Earth, and has been thrilling hippies, rockers, and ravers since it first opened in 1970. The festival, which takes place on a farm (you’ll need your boots if it’s rainy), will take a fallow year in 2018, giving the land and the organizers a chance to replenish their energy. This means there’s plenty of time to start saving money for a ticket to 2019’s summer festival, when they’ll be back with a bang!

With all these and more to look at, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye. All hail the marriage of 16-bit graphics and the animated gif!

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