Top Tips For Travelling Safely With A Disability

by Julia on March 14, 2018

Travelling can become much more complex when suffering with a disability, with extra medications to bring with you and a range of mobility scooters to choose from to make your travel more seamless. Although this can seem as stressful at first, there are actually ways to ensure that traveling with a disability is just as fun as travelling without one, regarding that you stay organised and prepared for the worst. Here, we have some top tips to help make your travel as exciting and fulfilling as possible.

Plan Your Route Carefully

Regardless of where you’re travelling, you’ll want to do your best to know which route you’ll be taking, as this will make navigating much easier and essentially stress-free. There is always more than one way to get to the main tourist attractions, so by planning your route carefully in advance, you can ensure that you can get there in good time with minimal fuss. Of course, for mobility scooter and wheelchair users, it’s always good to use a route that has wheelchair ramps or smooth pavements, as hilly and bumpy routes are going to cause you issues throughout your trip. Online visitor guides are the greatest places for useful information, so always find out as much as possible before departing.

Always Have A Plan B

Having said that, it’s no secret that things don’t always go to plan. Even if you manage to find the best route, you may find that there is a diversion due to that route being temporarily unavailable. One of the best ways to prepare for the worst is to ensure that you travel with someone who is able to assist you throughout the trip when unexpected events arise, or make a note of alternate routes that you can take before you leave. Aside from unavailable routes, you never know if your wheelchair may break, or if you’re unable to board a train due to insufficient wheelchair access, making a plan B essential when travelling with a disability.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When you’re travelling with a disability, it isn’t unheard of to take longer when getting from A to B, so always try to give yourself extra time when navigating yourself across the country. Passing through airport security in particular when suffering with a disability is much more strenuous, as you could be required to be swabbed, as well as your wheelchair. During this process, the swabs are tested through scanner, and then you’re able to progress through airport security, which could seriously delay your departure. With so many extra procedures to adhere to, it’s always worth leaving earlier than usual to ensure airport processes are seamless.

Communicate With Your Services

Communication is key when suffering from a disability, as it makes people aware of your conditions and alerts them as to what they can do to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. It’s essential to inform all of the services you use about your special requirements, but air travel specifically should be make a priority. Alert your booking agent, the airline you’re using, the cabin crew, the special assistance desk and the ground staff, as all of these individual processes will be made much more difficult without disability flexibility.

Initially, planning a trip abroad when you have a disability can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but with the correct planning and preparation, you should find your travels a breeze!

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