3 Must Haves For a Successful Camping Trip

by Julia on March 12, 2018

Winter is almost over and spring is beckoning loudly. One of the best things about the spring months is that the temperatures warm up just enough to begin having more fun outside. It’s a great time to consider taking the family camping.

Things like fishing, hunting, and hiking while you’re there will not only add to the food availability but will build great memories for years to come. However, in order to be able to enjoy a camping trip to its utmost potential, there are some must-haves you should make sure to take with you. Below are three of them.

Cooking Gear

At some point during your trek into the woods, you and your family are going to get hungry and that freshly caught bass isn’t going to cook itself. When vacationing in nature, you could choose to rough it and go into survival mode, but with a family in tow, a more viable solution is to make sure you bring some basic cookware.

You will need a pot to boil water in and for making homemade soup or heating up canned foods. A frying pan or skillet might also come in handy for those mornings when a couple of scrambled eggs and bacon will calm your cravings. Don’t forget a spoon to stir with, a good knife, and spatula.


If you plan on making your mark in the woods with just a couple of tents instead of an RV, you will need to take a few extra things with which to maintain your hygiene. Toilet paper is an absolute must.

Nature WILL call and you WILL have to answer. It’s more comfortable and much more safe to have some tp on standby. This keeps you from grabbing the wrong leaf to wipe with. There are not many things worse than poison oak on your nether regions. You will also need to make sure to bring some bottled water not only to drink but to brush your teeth with.

It’s important to note here that if you by chance run out of bottled water, you can use the nearby creeks in most cases. Just make sure to boil the water thoroughly before you use it to kill any dangerous microbes. To keep the rest of you clean, bring sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer.


When you leave the cityscape for the woods, there are a few balances that change. One of them is the ratio of humans to animals. Be aware of the local wildlife. In many camping areas, critters such as bears, bobcats, and snakes are considered locals. While you are staying in their territory, they may decide to pay you a visit. When you are done eating, make sure to put any remaining food away and up in a higher place a small ways from camp.

Always make sure that you have cell service on your phone wherever you chose to go and people who know where you were going just in case you don’t check in or come back when you are supposed to. Although violence of any kind is not a favorite choice when considering God’s creatures, you should also make sure to carry some bear pepper spray, a good knife, and a legally owned firearm, just in case.

Camping is one of the most exciting and adventurous options for a family vacation. Use the suggestions above to make it convenient and safe, as well.

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