Easy Tips for Environmentally Friendly Camping in an RV

by Julia on March 12, 2018

Here are easy tips for environmentally friendly camping in an RV that you should know before going camping this weekend.

Stay away from home and overnight in a tent or trailer; all are such a great experience while camping. But, being green seems to be a big issue. So, how to carry out it? Check now easy tips for environmentally friendly camping in an RV if you’re going to camp this weekend.

7 impressive tips for going green while camping in an RV

Obviously, taking an RV vacation is eco-friendly than driving a car, flying or even staying at a hotel. And if you want to start green camping in your RV, it’s possible.

Make use of solar power

By equipping some solar panels, you might reduce 90% of the average generator use. Moreover, you will never mess around with the generator when pulling up with no electricity to the RV. What’s more, instead of hearing a loud noise from this machine, you will enjoy some peace as you want.

Recycle items

It’s best to avoid using items that may create a lot of wastes and bring reusable containers. Additionally, you should look for a way to recycle disposables instead of throwing them away in the garbage. Or if you find that your campground provides recycling areas, use it to go green.

Conserve water

Of course, water conservation is good for the environment.

Avoid wasting the water like taking long showers or rinsing too many dirty dishes after meals. Besides, it’s recommended to use a composting toilet, according to research by tinyspacesliving.com. It’s because this kind of toilet helps you save water as well as decreasing waste effectively.

Avail LEDs

Changing light bulbs to LEDs is another easy tip for environmentally friendly camping in an RV that you should know. Indeed, these LED lights are more efficient and have a longer lifespan.

Make a campfire

Without a campfire, you won’t experience a real feeling of the camping trip. However, a big fire releases toxins and ash that affect you and the environment severely. Hence, just make a small campfire to reduce environmental impacts. Besides, never add metals or plastics into the fire because they will release unnecessary toxins.

Say goodbye to bottles

Try to answer a simple question here! How many bottles of water do you need for a camping trip? A lot, right?

So, to avoid utilizing a wasteful and expensive way to stay hydrated, I suggest you should opt for individual refillable water bottles and hydration packets in order to reduce the use of the single bottle of water.

Think and do green

Your attitude is the main factor to perform a green camp. Sometimes, you catch some cool plants, rocks, and you want to bring them home. But, stop it and walk away with your empty hands, please. The best thing is to see and enjoy what nature brings you.

Final words

As long as you love the great outdoors, carrying out 7 easy tips for environmentally friendly camping in an RV is not hard. And you soon discover all your small yet useful actions keep the environment surrounding your campsite greener and more beautiful.

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