Amazing Thailand: Once is not enough

by Julia on December 18, 2017

Why is Thailand the hot most tourist destination? Why is it that people return back to Thailand even after already have visited for several times? Why do people never get tired of going to one place again and again? Why does Thailand top their list of vacation destination?

The answer to all the above questions is: Thailand is home to the most hospitable and pleasing citizens in the entire wide world. They are always sweet and welcoming, they are helpful and friendly. Beside this, Thailand is known for its tropical turquoise beaches, cheap marketplace culture, opulent royal palaces, and ornate Buddhist temples. Islands in Thailand are the major tourist attractions, while delicious Thai cuisine steals the show, its rich cultural heritage keeps the tourist entertained and hooked to its hospitality.

Thailand has everything for everyone. From happening city life to night safari, aquarium to crystal clear water beaches, theme parks for kids, boat/yacht rides, night life, clubbing, soothing massages, scrumptious food and everything is easily accessible. But it can be extremely tiring and exhausting if you do not pre-plan or not have an itenery.

We have accumulated the “Must-Dos” in Thailand in order to make you plan your vacation with an ease and peace of mind.

The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw: Your visit to Thailand is incomplete if do not happened to visit this place. It is one of the most visited and famous attractions in Thailand. The Grand Palace is a grand old dame which will leave you awestruck with its stunning architecture breathtaking views. Wat Prakeaw is the Buddhist temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is made of jade or jasper.

Elephant Trek in Khao Sok: An impeccably maintained National Park in Southern Thailand, where the elephants seem to be treated and fed quite well. While a ride on this gentle giant is a tummy tickling adventure already.

Traditional Street Food: Streets in Thailand are surrounded by endless street hawkers, selling scrumptiously delectable food that you just cannot turn down. Where ever you may go, you would find a huge number of street vendors selling Thai specialties like rice porridge with meatballs, pad-Thai, som-Tam and a lot more that can swipe you off of your feet with the spicy taste.

Yachting: If you are an adventurous soul then going on to a yacht tour is the “it” thing for you. Superyacht charter Thailand is the utmost choice of many. They let you explore the destination, white sand beaches and serve appetizing food of your choice along the journey, where you can alter your travel plans at any given instant.

Go Shopping: Thailand is famous for its cheap shopping avenues, which the ladies may never want to miss. Visit Talat Khao Market for Chinese specialties, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market for the most fresh and colorful vege shopping and for everything else visit weekend Chatuchak Market which has over 15,000 stalls and is counted among the world’s largest market.

Thailand has a lot more to offer to the tourists than one can think of; those details cannot even be listed. To experience the entire extravaganza you need to visit yourself and see the magic take you to a journey that is equally mesmerizing.





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