Ideas for the Modern Day World Traveler

by Julia on December 18, 2017

Extensive world travel was once, for the most part, restricted to a handful of daring explorers, sea captains, and their faithful crews.

Then, only decades ago, it was virtually the exclusive domain of the wealthy and well to do. But today, the world is more accessible than ever before – even to middle and determined lower income travelers with a strong adventurous spirit. In fact, the total contribution of tourism to the world economy is now at over $7.6 trillion.

Also, many world travelers are going in style, avoiding the hecticness and unpredictability of “ordinary” airline travel. The private jet charter industry, offering international travel, numerous choices of top-of-the-line aircraft, and extreme comfort and reliability, is becoming a favorite with world adventure travelers.

In case you’re contemplating some “adventure travel” but aren’t quite sure yet where to go, here are three popular adventure destinations to consider:

1. African Safari Adventure


East Africa is the place to head for the bulk of your classic safari wildlife sightings, like elephants, lions, giraffes, and wild gorillas. Tourist safaris are bigger than ever.

Zambia is the place to go for an on-foot safari; with views of breathtaking Victoria Falls and photo ops of zebra, antelope, and white rhinoceroses at Mosi O Tunya National Park.

On the border between Kenya and Tanzania lies Masai Mara park, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley, and everything from jackals to baboons to large elephant herds to fearsome lion prides. This is literally the most animal-packed region of the planet, as far as large game.

2. Galapagos Islands: Show Me the Tortoise!


The giant but lovable tortoises of Ecuador’s remote Pacific territory: the Galapagos Islands, are a huge draw to tourists from all over the world.

But the Galapagos Islands offer more. The giant sea turtles complement the giant land turtles, while sightings of flamingos, iguanas, sharks, and (amazingly) a specie of penguin all occur here. Meanwhile, the lava fields, sandy shores, salty lagoons, and abundance of unique and colorful bird life are further attractions.

Yacht your way around the islands, or go ashore for an unforgettable nature trek. There are numerous touring companies that can guide you over every inch of these 5 world famous islands so you get the absolute most out of your stay.

3. A Ride on the Trans-Mongolian Express


A little known adventure waiting to happen lies hidden in the remote regions of Russia, China, and Mongolia: a ride on the Trans-Mongolian Express. You can go either direction: China to Russia, or Russia to China.

Along the way, you’ll see the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, the parched landscape of the Gobi Desert, the expansive Mongolian Plains, small fishing villages on lakes and rivers of Siberia, majestic mountain ranges towering in the background, dense forests, antique architecture in remote villages, and Red Square (in Moscow).

A 21-day jaunt between the more populated parts of Russia and China and through the least populated parts, a ride on the Trans-Mongolian Express is certainly the experience of a lifetime.

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