3 Tips for Maintaining Your Safety While Staying In A Hotel

by Julia on December 18, 2017

When you’re traveling, one of the most important things is to make sure that you’re able to make it back home safe and sound. Depending on what country or city you’re visiting, the chances of this naturally happening will vary. Luckily, there are quite a few precautions you can take that will help increase the chances of you having a safe and fun time while traveling. So to help you ensure that nothing bad befalls you at your lodging, here are three tips for maintaining your safety while staying in a hotel.


Pick The Right Hotel


Before you even get to where you’ll be staying, you can help yourself remain safe by picking the right hotel to stay at in the first place. According to Sarah Schlichter, a contributor to Smarter Travel, you should be concerned with a lot more than just price when picking a hotel. To truly find a hotel that has the safety features you need, you should also look at the location in relation to things like police stations, dangerous neighborhoods, or food options. If you’re planning to walk, it’s extra important that your hotel is in a safe area so you don’t take the chance of being robbed or assaulted when on the street.


Don’t Stay On The Ground Floor If Possible


Once you get to your hotel, Talia Avakian, a contributor to Business Insider, recommends doing what you can to ensure that you’re not staying on the ground floor. If the entrance to your room is in a very easy area to access, like the ground floor, the chances are higher that your room could be broken into or otherwise compromised. So if you see that you’re set to be staying on the ground floor when you check-in to your hotel, ask if it’s possible for you to have a room change onto a different floor.


Strategically Use Your “Do Not Disturb” Sign


To help protect your room and your belongings even when you’re not there, you can and should strategically use your “Do Not Disturb” sign. Corporate Travel Safety shares that if you’re planning to leave your room and you don’t need your room cleaned by housekeeping, you should put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door as you’re leaving. By doing this, it will appear as if someone is still occupying your room even if it’s empty, which could deter thieves from attempting to enter the premises and steal your precious belongings.


If you’re worried about how to best keep yourself and your belongings safe when you’re staying in a hotel, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you create some safer hotel habits.



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