How are you Celebrating Earth Day 2014?

by Jules on April 22, 2014

In case you haven’t realised it yet, today is Earth Day and the perfect chance to get involved and celebrate this global phenomenon in your own way.

History of Earth Day

The very first Earth Day was established in the US in 1970 in order to raise environmental awareness of issues right across the globe. Around twelve thousand schools, colleges and universities united to mark the day, along with local community events. In total it’s estimated that 20 million Americans took park in fundraising, educational and environmental projects. The national movement quickly spread and today each 22 April is given over to Earth Day and is celebrated in more than 192 countries.

Earth Day 2014 Theme

Each year Earth Day celebrates a different theme, with last years ‘The Face of Climate Change’ theme motivating billions of followers. In 2014 the global campaign is Green Cities’ which focusses on encouraging cities right across the globe to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. It’s especially pertinent, as for the very first time, the majority of the population right across the world actually lives within a city environment.

FACT: city dwelling will increase from 2.5 billion people in 2009 to nearly 5.2 billion in 2050.

FACT: the number of urban residents is growing by around 60 million people each year.

FACT: by the middle of this century, urban populations will almost double.

The three elements of energy, transportation and building are high on the agenda for the Green Cities campaign.

Get Involved

Local communities are encouraged to get involved with Earth Day 2014 as this year’s campaign resolves to cities work towards a healthier and cleaner future.

Everybody is encouraged to take action, whether it be something as simple as going veggie a few days a week, to something bigger, such as donating your time to a local charity. There are a multitude of ways to take action this Earth Day – what are you waiting for?

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