Finding the Best Hookah Lounge on Your Travels

by Jules on April 22, 2014

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Travelling can be quite an adventure of great stories, good stories and the worst of stories. After all the trekking around, getting lost and enjoying sights and sounds, at some point you are going to be looking for a cheap way to get some relaxation in. Hookah lounges are one of the best spots to kick back, relax in a heap of pillows and catch up on those travelers’ blogs you’ve been meaning to write. Read over some Hookah tips to figure out how to get the most out of your hookah experience before finding your favourite spot to visit. Here are six excellent tips to show you how to find the best hookah lounge during your travels.


First and foremost, you’ve more than likely come here for a unique experience and some relaxation in between travels. The keyword relaxation should be the first thing you look at when visiting or searching for a hookah lounge. Whether you’re on their website, walking passed the lounge or hearing it from a friend, try and get a feel for the place before you actually visit. Do people explain it as relaxing? Do they seem calm and happy when sharing their stories? Are the pictures to show you the ambiance of the place? All of these questions are good to keep in mind when trying to find the best hookah lounge for your trip.

Yummy Food

No matter where in the world you are, chances are the food that will be offered at hookah bars will be Mediterranean. If this is the case, perfect! Hookah originated in the Middle East hundreds of years ago (Seven Sense, 2014), so why change what has been perfected over hundreds of years?

If you are looking for the whole package, the unique experience, the be all, end all, then finding a place with the most delicious food can be just as important as finding the right flavoured hookah.

Variety of Flavours

Most hookah lounges should carry up to 5 flavours – the most common being classic, apple, blueberry, strawberry and banana. If you are in search for the best hookah lounge in the country, then you need to increase your standards. There are lounges that offer handfuls of flavours. Flavours can be the most exciting part of your hookah lounge experience, being able to try something new, wild or crazy can make the best of stories when coming home. List Dose (2014) offers their input on the top 10 best hookah flavours across the globe including blueberry muffin and bubble gum! Get creative and your experience will be filled with fun stories.

Friendly Staff

This title should explain itself. You can be offered the best food and the best flavours but without a smiling server, this could end your visit short. Having a positive and friendly server makes all the difference on the type of experience you have at any restaurant. Getting input through word of mouth or online can be the best way to find out about the level of quality staff that each lounge has.

Online Reviews

As mentioned in almost every section above, the internet has become wildly popular for reviews. Blogs in particular are usually typed in first person, thus giving you a straight from the consumer point of view. Take advantage of the tools you are provided with today, Google can be your savior when it comes to traveling. A quick search using the words best, hookah, and the city of your choice, can bring up hundreds of websites, blogs and reviews to let you know which places are worthy of checking out.

Our Favourite

After reading through some of the most important things to look for when finding your favourite hookah lounge, it is only suited that we go through one of our favourites and show you the most important ways to find the best hookah lounge on your travels!

The Green Room – Munich, Germany

-          Relaxation: Having the luxury of sitting back, relaxing and cuddled in between pillows doesn’t happen often at a restaurant. The Green Room offers a comfortable place to eat, drink, smoke hookah and enjoy the rhythm of the music.

-          Yummy Food: The ‘Hookah’ experience isn’t just about smoking the hookah and leaving. The Green Room offers a delicious menu to pair with any flavour hookah you can imagine!

-          Variety of Flavours: While most hookah bars have a handful of flavours, The Green Room is known for its vast menu of flavours to choose from. Everything from mango to cola, you can choose from over 50 flavours here!

-          Friendly Staff: As always, this is a very important factor to any restaurant or bar. The Green Room has friendly staff who speak both German and English! As a tourist, this is always a go to spot when visiting Munich.

-          Online Reviews: The Green Room isn’t hard to spot out online and has been voted one of the top hookah bars across the world. Open up Google and type in The Green Room Munich, you will be sure to find pages of reviews on the lounge and most are full of positive reviews!

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