Get Involved with World Red Cross Day

by Jules on May 8, 2014

Each year on 8th of May, the world recognises World Red Cross Day whose organisation helps vulnerable people right across the world and in 2014 you too can get involved.

The date coincides with the birth of Henry Dunant who founded the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) and who went on to achieve the very first Noble Peace Prize. Dunant was born on 8 May 1828 and the international Red Cross is dedicated to protecting life following natural disasters, with human dignity in the forefront.

World Red Cross Day is focussed on alleviating human suffering and protecting lives as a consequence of emergencies and natural disasters. Every day the news is filled with images of floods, epidemics and earthquakes somewhere in the world. The Red Cross provides impartial assistance in showing humanity to all those affected.

Since its inception, the Red Cross has helped millions of people in 73 countries. In fact last year some 100 million alone were helped. And as part of the Red Cross Vaccination campaign, more than 1.1 billion children have received potentially lifesaving vaccinations against rubella and measles.

2014 is the year for you to get involved; from something as simple as fundraising to donating blood locally.

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