Celebrate the National Day of Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Jules on December 11, 2013

December is the perfect time to visit Argentina, because you will be able to join the local celebrations around the National Day of Tango in Buenos Aires. This day was originally meant to celebrate the birthdays of two of tango’s key figures, Carlos Gardel and Julio De Cara, but today it is a festival of the masses.

Each year the 11th of December is marked as the National Day of Tango and Argentinians celebrate their rich musical and artistic culture with aplomb. The tango is a dance that is close to the hearts of all Argentinians and so the day is very popular. Many parties and festivals take place across the city each year, along with a number of hotly contested tango competitions.

Travellers to the city of Buenos Aires can immerse themselves in a multitude of tango festivities. Head to one of the many tango schools which can teach you the basic steps of the pacy tango and prepare you to dance alongside some of the best tango dancers in the city. Or simply watch the dance in action in one of the many bars of the city; in certain locations throughout Buenos Aires, you’ll be able to see dancers performing the beautiful dance in celebration of this national holiday.

Visiting Buenos Aires during National Day of Tango will lead you on many side adventures. This is the city that never sleeps, and aside from the tango events, there is plenty to explore at all hours of the day. During the day, trying some of the rich, meaty cuisine of Buenos Aires, or trying some of the famous wines, will be appropriate. Art lovers can explore the interesting street art displayed throughout the city. And all can enjoy the wild parties that take place every day of the week.

The history and culture surrounding the tango is ever prominent in Argentina, but never so much as it is on the National Day of Tango. Take advantage of this opportunity to see exhibits, displays, and dance performances around Argentina. Buenos Aires is the perfect place to be this year on the Argentinian National Day of Tango.

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